All applicants must go through the selection process, which consists of tests and investigations that help the department select applicants who are best suited for police work. This process can take from 3 to 4 months from the date of the initial online application. The applicant must pass the written exam, scored oral interview, and physical assessment before continuing to a background investigation.

The Selection Process (About 2 to 3 months)

Steps What the Step Involves
1) Online Application
(Up to 15 minutes)
2) Written Examination
(Up to 3 hours)
  • 100 multiple choice questions
  • 60% or above is a pass
3) Scored Interview
(Up to 1 hour)
  • Six questions
  • 3 officers conduct interview
  • All applicants get the same questions
  • Applicants are rated either “Well Qualified” or “Qualified”
  • Only “Well Qualified” applicants continue to next step
4) Background Investigation
(Up to 6 weeks)
  • In-depth interview of applicant
  • Interview of references, neighbors, co-workers, and family
  • Review of:
  • Employment history
  • Criminal and traffic records
  • Credit reports
  • Academic records
  • Military records (if applicable)
5) Polygraph Examination           (Up to 3 hours)
  • Used to confirm information obtained through the selection process
  • Covers areas such as:
  • Employment
  • Crimes
  • Falsification of information
  • Drug use
6) Conditional Offer of Employment Applicants who successfully complete the above steps may be considered for conditional offer of employment
7) Psychological and Medical Examinations
  • Medical examination
  • Psychological examination