Captain Gerald McFarland

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The mission of the Professional Accountability Division is to ensure compliance with established policies, procedures, and legislative mandates through internal inspections and audits of all bureaus, divisions, and sections.  Section 35-3(i) of the Montgomery County Code mandates that the Chief of Police establish an internal inspections program to ensure that the Department is operating within established policies, procedures, and legislative mandates.  This Division will assist the Chief of Police in ensuring that the department is operating within established parameters.  The Professional Accountability Division is comprised of 3 sections:

  • Accreditation – Ensuring that the Department maintains compliance with all applicable Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA) accreditation standards.  Standards are developed to help law enforcement agencies achieve the following: 
    • Increase capabilities to prevent and control crime;
    • Enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of law enforcement services;
    • Improve cooperation and coordination with other law enforcement agencies and other components of the criminal justice system; and
    • Increase citizen and staff confidence in the Department’s goals, objectives, policies, and practices.
  •  Staff Inspections and Audits - Functions as a way of evaluating Department efficiency, performance, and retention of all assets.  All departmental entities will be inspected on an annual basis.  Inspections and audits can occur on a simultaneous basis and the processes will be similar.  The goals of the inspectional programs are to:
    • Ensure compliance, conformity, and uniformity in the conduct of the Department’s operations while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency with which we manage resources.
    • Provide information for planning efforts and training needs.
    • Ensure that actual performance reflects the Department's goals and objectives. 
  • Quality Assurance - Provides Department members the information they need to ensure compliance, conformity, and uniformity in the conduct of the Department’s operations by:
    • Reviewing actual performance for adherence to the Department’s stated goals and objectives; and
    • Providing Command Staff, Department Directors, District Commanders, and other designated members with timely, reliable reports regarding compliance with the Department’s stated goals and objectives that are easy to access, interpret and act upon.