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Resources - Senior Safety

Keeping Seniors Safe

Address: Public Safety Headquarters, 100 Edison Park Drive, Gaithersburg, MD


Phone: (240) 773-5625

We are currently looking for volunteers to become part of our growing KSS program and assist in conducting KSS presentations throughout Montgomery County.  

For more information, please call or email us.   

Click Here to Request a KSS Presentation

Click Here for Our KSS Brochure (English)

Click Here for our KSS Brochure (Spanish) 


Keeping Seniors Safe (KSS) is a program that has been developed in conjunction with the Volunteer Resources Section of the Montgomery County Police Department.  The KSS program was established to increase awareness of safety issues within the senior community and to provide guidance and resources to seniors in regard to these issues.

Morton A. Davis is the program coordinator for KSS.  He is a member of the Montgomery County Commission on Aging and a resident of Leisure World of Maryland.  Davis is actively involved in senior safety issues and is available (along with other KSS volunteers) to attend your senior event or community meeting.  He and other volunteers can speak on the following safety topics:

  • Safe shopping habits and parking lot safety
  • Home safety and personal preparedness for an emergency
  • Fraud and scams
  • Identity theft identification and prevention
  • Who to call for emergency and non-emergency needs

A KSS team briefing generally lasts one hour, which includes time for audience questions and comments. The KSS team will also provide your group with additional senior safety resources and handouts.

To learn more about the KSS program or to have KSS speakers at your meeting on any of the above topics, please contact the MCPD Volunteer Resources Section at 240-773-5625. You may also email us at  for more information.



Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection
Maryland Attorney General Montgomery County State's Attorney’s Office
Maryland Department of Aging Maryland Home Improvement Commission
Montgomery County Adult Protective Services Montgomery County Crisis Center
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services 2017 Montgomery County Seniors’ Resource Guide
Montgomery County Senior Site Request a presentation by MCP KSS



Senior Resources (You will need Adobe Acrobat link here) 

County and State Resources



Consumer Guide for Seniors

A guide on keeping Seniors safe

Make the Right Call

Who to call when there is an emergency

Senior Transportation Options

Different options to help seniors get around the community

Crimes Against Seniors and Other Vulnerable Adults

Brochure on abuse against seniors and other crimes

Don’t Be Afraid to Call the Police

Brochure on why you should not fear calling the police in your time of need

Homeland Defense

Brochure on Homeland Defense

Live in an Apartment

Brochure on apartment security and how to keep yourself safe

Move It

Brochure on what to do if you are in a car accident

Prevent theft from Vehicles

Brochure on how to avoid becoming a victim of car theft

Senior Drivers

How to remain safe while operating a vehicle


Brochure on seniors and law enforcement working together

What to Do if Stopped by Police

Brochure on how to handle an interaction with the police

MC311 Answering to You

MC311 is a brochure on the county phone number and non-emergency government information and services

How MC311 Works

Describes how Mc311 works

2-1-1 Maryland

Flyer that gives information on the different health and human services.




Effects of Aging on Driving Skills

Guide on how aging can affect your driving and how you can keep yourself and others safe on the road

Home Safety



Caregiver Support and Aging Services

Pamphlet on how to find support for daily care

File of Life Form

Form that allows Fire and Rescue personnel to know your personal information in case of an emergency

Recognizing Abuse

A pamphlet that helps you detect potential abuse of seniors such as neglect, financial, psychological, etc.

Making Your Home a Safer Place

A guide on how to make your home a safer environment including locks, alarms, and preparation for natural disasters

Home Safety for Older Consumers

A checklist on the various safety requirements that will help keep seniors safe in the comfort of their own home

When Disaster Strikes

A guide on how to handle various disasters that damage your home such as fires and natural disasters

Identity Theft



10 Ways to Avoid Fraud

A pamphlet on how to protect yourself from fraud

Identity Theft

A brochure about how to protect yourself from Identity theft

MVA Identity Theft

How the MVA can help you with Identity Theft


A guide on how to protect yourself from fraud through the internet

Protecting the Elderly from Fraud and Abuse

A guide on how to keep seniors safe from fraud and financial abuse

Protecting your Identity

A guide on how to keep your identity safe

Privacy Choices for Financial Information

A guide on choosing the right privacy settings to keep your finances and identity safe

Taking Charge

A guide on what to do if you are a victim of identity theft





Consumer Guide to Insurance Fraud

A guide on how to protect seniors from insurance fraud and what to do if it happens

Fighting Fraud 101

Guide on how to invest in insurance safety

Insurance Assistance

A list of resources to help with insurance

Insurance Needs for Seniors

Information on Insurance needs for seniors


Phone Scams



Phone Scams

How to determine if you have been a target of a phone scam

Physical Health



Exercise and Physical Activity

Guide on how to keep active through exercise

Getting Fit for Life

A guide to help seniors get active and stay fit





10 Maneras de Evitar el Fraude

Un folleto sobre cómo protegerse del fraude

Evitar el Robo de Identidad

Un folleto sobre cómo protegerse del robo de identidad
Cómo Combatir el Fraude Financiero

Un folleto sobre cómo combatir el fraude financiero

Cómo Administrar el Dinero de Otras Personas

Un folleto sobre ayuda para agentes bajo un poder legal

Robo de Identidad

Un folleto sobre cómo protegerse del robo de identidad

Hacer la Llamada Correcta
A quién llamar cuando hay una emergencia
Dinero Inteligente

Como prevenir la explotación financiera

Hágase Cargo: Qué Hacer si le Roban su Identidad

Una guía sobre qué hacer si usted es víctima de robo de identidad






Montgomery County Department of Police · Marcus Jones, Chief
Public Safety Headquarters
100 Edison Park Drive · Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Non-emergency: 301.279.8000

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