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2016 Montgomery County Recycling Achievement Recognition

Recycler of the Year

Multi-Family Recycling Achievement Awards

Business Recycling Achievement Awards

Recycler of the Year - 2016

Awarded to community champions who significantly increased recycling awareness and motivated others in the community to maximize their recycling, composting, grasscycling, waste reduction and buying recycled efforts.

Special Recognition

  1. Katrina Cristwell

    Ms. Katrina Cristwell is recognized for her passion and commitment to encouraging others to recycle more.  Providing nearly 30 hours of service in the past year as a Recycling Volunteer, her outgoing personality has motivated residents to recycle more materials.  She is also a positive role model to her daughter and together they participate in many events and activities.

  2. Carwithian Hemsley

    Ms. Carwithian Hemsley, a 9th grade student, teams up with her mother, Ms. Katrina Cristwell, to educate residents about the environmental and economic benefits of recycling.  Her interest and enthusiasm were reason enough to feature Carwithian in a new Recycling Volunteer Program recruitment video to engage others to become a recycling volunteer.

  3. Freeman Lee

    Mr. Freeman Lee is recognized for his dedication to protecting the environment through his active participation as a recycling volunteer.  Since becoming a recycling volunteer, Mr. Lee has provided almost 100 hours of service to the recycling volunteer program.

  4. Nadine Lyons

    Ms. Nadine Lyons, Guidance Counselor at Glenallan Elementary School, has demonstrated an on-going commitment to providing her students the opportunity to learn about career options that protect the environment.  Ms. Lyons invites the Department to attend the school’s career day each year to teach students about careers in the solid waste field.

  5. Amy Moore

    Ms. Amy Moore, a volunteer at Meadowside Nature Center in Rockville, is recognized for her commitment to protecting the environment and reducing waste by motivating employees and residents to compost yard trim materials at work and at home.  Ms. Moore rejuvenated the Center’s programming to increase educational opportunities for residents to learn about the benefits of backyard composting.

  6. Jeanne Anne Nabavi

    Ms. Jeanne Nabavi, Facilities Planner and Project Manager for GEICO in Chevy Chase, is recognized for her efforts educating both residents and employees on how they can protect the environment, through providing information on recycling, composting, and much more.

  7. Celia Reidler

    Mrs. Celia Reidler, Science Resource Teacher at Northwest High School in Germantown, engages community members, staff, faculty and students to reduce waste, reuse and recycle more now.  Mrs. Reidler actively promotes awareness of County-sponsored confidential paper shredding/recycling and reuse collection events within the community.

  8. Sanjukta Sil Upadhyay

    Mrs. Sanjukta Sil Upadhyay exemplifies dedication through her involvement in the Recycling Volunteer Program.  Sanjukta contributed nearly 50 hours of her time creating various educational displays and signage used by the Division at events to motivate residents to reduce waste and recycle more.

  9. Demari Simms

    Mr. Demari Simms has been a recycling volunteer since 2014 and continues to demonstrate his commitment and dedication to protecting the environment. During the 2015 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, Mr. Simms interacted with residents on a daily basis and provided educational information to hundreds of visitors. Mr. Simms has contributed almost 80 hours of service to the recycling volunteer program.

  10. Dr. Lucy Vitaliti

    Dr. Lucy Vitaliti is the Coordinator of the Office of Volunteerism and Service Learning at Montgomery College - Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus.  Dr. Vitaliti shares a similar passion and commitment to protecting the environment.  She promotes volunteerism to students, encouraging them to learn more about recycling and environmental stewardship. As a result, thirty students from the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus have registered as new recycling volunteers during the past year.

Multi-Family Recycling Achievement Awards

Excellence in Recycling

Awarded to multi-family properties that demonstrated excellence in their recycling efforts during the past year that resulted in the property recycling 70 percent or more of its waste stream in Calendar Year 2015.

  1. 7001 Arlington

    7001 Arlington recycled over 75 percent of its waste stream in 2015, its first year of operation. The staff made great efforts to ensure that the recycling program was in place and ready before the first tenant moved in. During move-in, staff educates residents about how their recycling program works and about the importance of recycling in Montgomery County.

  2. Avalon at Grosvenor Station

    Avalon at Grosvenor Station recycled 86 percent of its waste in 2015. This is the second year in a row, and the third time in the past five years they recycled more than 70 percent of their waste. Their success is attributed to outstanding resident participation and staff’s vigilant monitoring of recycling containers to ensure there is always room for more recyclable materials.

  3. Berkshires at Rock Spring

    In 2015, Berkshires at Rock Spring recycled almost 72 percent of their waste.  Berkshires at Rock Spring demonstrates successful waste reduction efforts through an electronic application and lease process and allows their residents to pay their rent online. The property also utilizes electronic communications and social media to communicate news and events to their residents.

  4. Cherry Knoll Apartments

    Cherry Knoll Apartments recycled over 71 percent of its waste in 2015. This is the first time the property recycled more than 70 percent of its waste. Cherry Knoll Apartments reduces paper usage and waste in its office by maintaining electronic records, distributing E-brochures, and using recycled-content copier paper.

  5. Churchill Senior Living

    Churchill Senior Living in Germantown had a 71 percent recycling rate in 2015. This is the third year in a row, and the fourth time in the last five years, that Churchill Senior Living has recycled more than 70 percent of its waste. Resident yard sales during the spring and summer months promote reuse and directly involves residents in their efforts to reduce waste.

  6. Kentlands Manor

    Kentlands Manor recycled almost 74 percent of their waste stream in 2015, making this the second year in a row they exceeded Montgomery County's 70 percent recycling goal. Their success stems from its residents and staff’s diligence in separating and sorting recyclable materials. Staff also does an excellent job of educating residents about recycling through the use of educational tables and displays at community events as well as distribution of educational materials.

  7. Takoma Overlook Condominium Association, Inc.

    Takoma Overlook Condominium recycled 73 percent of its waste in 2015. Takoma Overlook Condo increased recycling container capacity and collection frequency, clearly identified and labeled recycling areas and containers, and supplied residents with recycling bins. Residents take pride in their recycling success and help by educating new residents when they move into the community.

  8. Victory Terrace

    Victory Terrace in Potomac reported the highest recycling rate of all multi-family properties in 2015 — 91 percent. This continues Victory Terrace's outstanding recycling efforts which includes recycling more than 80 percent of their waste during four of the five last years. Victory Terrace promotes waste reduction and recycling to its residents by hosting annual resident yard sales, holding paper shredding and recycling events, and encouraging the donation of gently used items.

  9. The Waterford Condominium

    The Waterford Condominium recycled just over 71 percent of its waste in 2015. The Waterford continues its unique partnership with Einstein High School whereby students with special needs assist property staff with the collection of recyclable materials and the shredding of confidential papers.

  10. Willow Manor at Cloppers Mill

    Willow Manor at Cloppers Mill recycled over 71 percent of its waste in 2015 — the fourth time in five years that it recycled more than 70 percent of its waste. To reduce paper waste, staff uses electronic communications as much as possible and prints double-sided copies. Willow Manor also organizes donation programs for old cellphones and other used items to keep materials out of the waste stream.

Outstanding Efforts in Recycling (Multi-Family)

Awarded to multi-family properties, property management companies, and resident recycling committees that established and/or contributed to excellent recycling or waste reduction efforts.

  1. Eastern Village Cohousing Condominium

    Eastern Village Cohousing maintains a clean and efficient recycling program. In addition to using County provided posters, staff created their own signage to instruct residents on the proper ways to recycle at the property. In 2015, Eastern Village Cohousing recycled over 50 percent of its waste, making this the eighth consecutive year the property recycled more than 40 percent of its waste.

  2. Riderwood Village

    Riderwood Village has an extensive waste reduction and recycling program in place.  They continue their tradition of working to protect the environment by recycling 66 percent of their waste stream in 2015. This represents more than 3.7 million pounds of materials recycled, including more than 643,000 pounds of food scraps. Riderwood Village also recycles an additional 20 types of voluntary materials.

  3. Rock Creek Gardens Condominium

    Since 2010, Rock Creek Gardens Condominium has steadily improved its recycling program resulting in increased recycling rates. By increasing capacity for recyclable materials in 2014, Rock Creek Gardens nearly doubled its recycling rate during the last two years. The property's recycling areas are always well maintained and well labeled.

  4. Rock Creek Village Condominium

    The board, staff and residents of Rock Creek Village Condominium worked with County staff to switch from a curbside recycling and trash collection system to a more efficient, centralized recycling system. After making this switch in late 2013, Rock Creek Village Condominium experienced a significant increase in its recycling rate—nearly doubling the amount of materials recycled. With continued vigilance, the residents and staff have maintained this higher recycling achievement.

  5. Silverton Condominium

    The staff at Silverton Condominium is very enthusiastic and eager to maximize their recycling efforts. Staff improved recycling signage, increased recycling capacity, distributed recycling literature and hosted educational events for residents. These efforts resulted in a steady increase in the property’s recycling rate from year-to-year.

  6. Summit Hills Apartments

    Summit Hills Apartments in Silver Spring is committed to recycling and reducing waste. The management team has established programs for recycling additional materials such as carpeting, clothing and textiles, batteries, and ink and toner cartridges. They have also hosted educational events for residents, including an educational door hanger distribution event.

Recycling Achievement - Multi-Family Resident

Awarded to multi-family residents that made significant contributions to improving the recycling and/or waste reduction efforts of their property.

Joyce Temple

Ms. Joyce Temple has gone above and beyond many others to ensure that her home at Leisure World Fairways North, is recycling properly and to the greatest extent possible. Her great interest and enthusiasm for recycling has led her to help organize and schedule outreach events and perform property recycling audits with County staff.

Recycling Achievement - Multi-Family Property Staff

Awarded to multi-family property staff that made significant improvements to their property’s recycling programs.

  1. Linda Adler

    As Chairman of the Grosvenor Park II Social Programs Committee, Ms. Linda Adler plans and co-hosts regular recycling outreach and education events for residents and coordinates recycling raffles. She also ensures that her property’s recycling containers are properly labeled and maintained.

  2. Harold Jones

    As the Director of Housekeeping at Asbury Methodist Village, Mr. Harold Jones is responsible for managing the community’s comprehensive recycling program which recycled more than 60 percent of its waste in 2015. This represents nearly 4.3 million pounds of materials recycled. Mr. Jones also helps organize the community’s annual “Green Day” as well as housekeeping outreach events.

  3. Deneen Martin

    As the Site Manager at Normandie on the Lake I, Mr. Deneen Martin takes great effort to increase their recycling efforts. Under his leadership, Normandie of the Lake I has expanded its recycling program to include nearly a dozen voluntary materials. His enthusiasm for recycling is contagious and helps compel his residents to recycle even more.

Business Recycling Achievement Awards

Excellence in Recycling

Awarded to businesses and organizations that recycled 70 percent or more of their waste stream in 2015.

  1. Dow Jones and Company, Inc.

    Dow Jones and Company, Inc. recycled an impressive 90 percent of their waste stream in 2015. Dow Jones works with both employees and contractors to make sure all materials such as cardboard, commingled materials and scrap metal are properly recycled.
  2. Fisher BioServices, Inc.

    By maximizing their recycling efforts and implementing waste reduction activities, Fisher BioServices recycled 78 percent of their waste stream in 2015. They provide each new employee with a reusable coffee mug and a water bottle to support their waste reduction efforts.

  3. John L. Gildner Regional Institute for Children & Adolescents

    The John L. Gildner Regional Institute achieved an overall recycling rate of 92 percent in 2015. Their success has been achieved by recycling additional materials such as electronics, pallets and cooking oil.

  4. Lockheed Martin Corporate Headquarters

    In 2015, Lockheed Martin Corporate Headquarters recycled 86 percent of their waste. Go Green information is broadcasted through the building’s AV system to encourage all employees to recycle more. Their recycling efforts also include recycling of food scraps and electronic items.

  5. Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions

    Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions recycled 93 percent of the waste last year. Employees are encouraged to reduce printing of materials by storing documents on computers/servers. Recycling bins are located in convenient areas throughout the campus for any paper that is generated.

Outstanding Achievement - Business

Awarded to businesses for their outstanding efforts in implementing or improving their recycling, waste reduction or buying recycled programs and educational efforts.

  1. 4719 Hampden Lane

    The property management team and tenants at 4719 Hampden Lane in Bethesda collaborate towards making sustainability a success. Staff actively monitors trash and recycling containers for participation. The corporate office uses reusable flatware, dishes and glassware and service providers are encouraged to send invoices electronically to reduce paper usage.

  2. Arcade Barber Shop

    The staff at Arcade Barber Shop in Silver Spring are proud of how much they have decreased most of their trash as a result of recycling.  Staff recycles empty hair product containers, cardboard boxes, and magazines and newspapers from the customer waiting area regularly.

  3. Association for Information Science and Technology

    A visitor to the Association for Information Science and Technology quickly understands their commitment to the environment.  Recycling bins can be found in each office and lunch room. As an employee explained "the very presence of the bins makes you think before throwing something away."  This exemplary recycling program has great visibility and participation.

  4. Barrons Enterprises

    Barrons Enterprises increased their recycling rate from 8 percent in 2014 to 52 percent in 2015. This remarkable increase is a result of properly labeled recycling containers and improved employee awareness. Keep up the great effort!

  5. Briggs Chaney Super Laundromat

    After realizing their potential to recycle even more, Briggs Chaney Super Laundromat improved their recycling efforts by setting out prominent recycling bins for customers to use. They also diligently recycle everything that can be recycled by their staff.  These efforts have greatly streamlined and improved their recycling program.

  6. Brooke Grove Foundation, Inc.

    At the Brooke Grove Foundation, recycling is part of their normal daily activities. Properly labeled recycling containers and bi-weekly reminders in their internal newsletter help residents and staff continue their recycling efforts. Their waste reduction efforts have even included using parts from broken wheelchairs to restore 11 wheelchairs for reuse.

  7. Congregation Har Shalom

    Congregation Har Shalom has taken the initiative to improve the Congregation’s recycling program. The staff worked closely with the County to identify best practices to improve their recycling efforts. As a result, clearly labeled recycling bins are now in all common areas, including the kitchen.

  8. Copper Canyon

    Copper Canyon in Gaithersburg maintains good recycling practices by providing accessible recycling options for their staff and customers. Throughout the restaurant, recycling bins are located everywhere recyclable materials are generated – in the kitchen, bar, manager’s office and at all server stations.

  9. Don Pollo - Bethesda

    Don Pollo in Bethesda has made recycling a priority for their employees and patrons. Recycling containers are placed throughout the restaurant in prominent locations for both employees and customers to use. The owners and employees are responsive and committed to ensuring that customers recycle correctly.

  10. Edgewood Vantage/Management

    Edgewood Vantage Management knows how to recycle.  They have implemented a well maintained recycling program, complete with abundant and clearly labeled recycling containers for participants who are eager to recycle. By revamping their recycling efforts, Edgewood Vantage/Management has seen increased recycling participation and awareness.

  11. Euro Motorcars Germantown Mercedes-Benz

    Euro Motorcars - Germantown has a great understanding of how businesses should approach recycling practices. Throughout the business, recycling bins are located in all appropriate places: at cubicles, next to copiers, and in the employee kitchen area. Additionally, labeled recycling bins are placed in common areas for customers to use.

  12. Express Café

    Express Café, a small café, located in Derwood, has maximized their recycling efforts and is leading the way for other small businesses in Montgomery County to follow. The business owners are very excited to showcase their waste reduction efforts that include buying in bulk and distributing condiments and cutlery from behind the counter to control waste.

  13. The Frost School

    The Frost School has implemented several initiatives to maximize their recycling efforts. Students and staff are educated on the importance of waste reduction and recycling. In addition, students collect recyclable materials from each room on a weekly basis. This provides students with the opportunity to actively participate in their recycling program and highlights the important role they play in the process.

  14. The German School-Washington, D.C. in Potomac

    The German School has a well maintained recycling program with excellent participation from both students and staff. The entire school community has a high awareness of the school's recycling program, including how and what to recycle. The German School also continually looks for additional ways they can maximize their waste reduction and recycling efforts.

  15. GlaxoSmithKline

    GlaxoSmithKline is committed to reducing their waste stream for landfill disposal to 100 percent by 2020. To meet this goal, GSK is working to identify innovative options to reuse and recycle waste that cannot be eliminated at the source. Their recycling efforts include recycling additional materials such as electronic items, fluorescent light tubes and batteries.

  16. Greyhound/Peter Pan

    The use of space in a busy place is an expression of priorities.  The Greyhound/Peter Pan bus station in Silver Spring prioritizes its recycling efforts by maximizing the placement of recycling bins in the passenger waiting area.  This central location makes recycling visible and accessible to all passengers, encouraging them to recycle their mixed paper and commingle materials before leaving for their next destination.

  17. Grosvenor Market

    The employees at Grosvenor Market are very diligent about recycling. They separate recyclable materials as required and places them neatly in their central collection containers for recycling collection. The employees are knowledgeable about recycling and strive to recycle as much material as possible.

  18. Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County

    In 2015, the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County reduced the amount of paperwork required for some of their applications. This effort has led to a decrease in the amount of paper generated on-site. HOC has also instituted a reuse policy for office supplies and other materials. Congratulations!

  19. Kaldi’s Coffee

    The employees at Kaldi's Coffee care about recycling. Despite the kitchen’s limited amount of space, this business ensures that all employees recycle everything that can be recycled. In addition, Kaldi's customers are encouraged to recycle as well with the placement of recycling bins near the front door. Together, both staff and patrons combine efforts to maximize recycling.

  20. Matan for 20251 Century Boulevard, Germantown

    Matan Property Management Group takes great efforts to ensure a successful recycling program is in place at 20251 Century Boulevard in Germantown.  In addition to providing labeled recycling bins to each tenant, Matan also placed recycling bins in all public spaces in the building, such as in the café, for the use of tenants and visitors. Educational information is also provided to tenants regularly to maintain awareness.

  21. Mater Dei School

    The students at Mater Dei School are responsible for collecting the recyclable materials and refuse generated throughout the school. This helps students to understand how much material is actually being recycled. The students and staff at the school are also encouraged to use refillable bottles to reduce the use of individual plastic bottles.

  22. Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy

    Students and faculty at the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy are making positive strides to enhance greater recycling participation. In fact, the students take an active role. The student Recycling Team obtained additional recycling containers to place throughout the school as part of their efforts to place a recycling container in each classroom, office, and hallway to ensure everyone can recycle wherever they are in the school.

  23. Montgomery County Conservation Corps

    The Montgomery County Conservation Corps works to empower a diverse population of youth to achieve a successful transition to adulthood.  Understanding environmental stewardship and responsibility is part of this transition.  Recycling education is incorporated into their programs.  Participants are reminded about the importance of recycling and ensure they recycle both in the office and when they are outside.

  24. Primary Montessori Day School

    At the Primary Montessori Day School, each classroom has a recycling container to provide both students and staff the opportunity to recycle more materials. Teachers periodically review the importance of recycling with students.  Staff are also reminded of recycling requirements during staff meetings.

  25. Residence Inn by Marriott, Silver Spring

    The Residence Inn by Marriott – Silver Spring revamped their recycling program and placed recycling bins in each guest room and large-size recycling bins in the central breakfast area.  In addition, they improved recycling procedures to maximize their recycling efforts.  With these improvements, the hotel has created a top-notch recycling program.

  26. Russell Office Park

    With the help of Mr. David Kurtz, Property Manager, Russell Office Park has made significant improvements to their recycling efforts in the past year. Properly labeled containers and increased recycling education to all tenants are key to this effort. Keep up the good work! Stanford Grill

    Stanford Grill is committed to sustainability. The management team ensures all recyclable materials are collected and that all staff is well-versed on recycling procedures. To further increase the amount of materials recycled, Stanford Grill also implemented a food scrap recycling program.

  27. Summit Deli

    After ordering food at The Summit Deli, patrons walk past the prominently placed recycling bin on their way to the seating area.  This area is also passed when customers leave the deli.  Having customers pass a recycling container twice reminds or nudges them to recycle their bottles and cans.  This simple, yet effective effort has increased recycling participation by their customers.

  28. United Parcel Service

    The United Parcel Service improved their recycling efforts by setting up additional recycling containers and improving educational and instructional signage. These efforts have resulted in increased participation and employee awareness of their recycling program.

  29. Village Montessori School

    Awareness is key to the success of waste reduction and recycling efforts at the Village Montessori School. Besides placing recycling bins in prominent locations to encourage recycling, staff also asked families to pack lunches for their children in non-disposable packaging to reduce the amount of waste generated at the school.

  30. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

    The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company is diligent in their recycling efforts. They keep meticulous records of the amount of waste and recyclable materials generated at their sites in Montgomery County.  Maintaining this information is key to monitor the success of their waste reduction and recycling efforts.

  31. Wildwood Shopping Center

    Management and tenants keep a neat and efficient recycling operation going at the Wildwood Shopping Center. To make recycling easy and convenient for tenants, management added additional recycling capacity by providing tenants the use of a recycling compactor for both mixed paper and cardboard. This has resulted in increased participation by the tenants.

  32. Montgomery County Farm Women’s Co-operative Market

    The Montgomery County Farm Women's Co-operative Market maintains a successful recycling program by keeping their vendors informed about their recycling protocols. Staff provides vendors with information pertaining to their recycling program, and monitors the program to improve recycling participation.

  33. Woodglen Office Park

    Through increased collaboration between management and staff, Woodglen Office Park has improved their recycling efforts. Property management monitors the office park's collection services and provides tailored education to all tenants. They also provide "Green Tips" to encourage waste reduction and reuse. These efforts have resulted in increased recycling participation and awareness.

Outstanding Achievement – Individual

Awarded to individual employees for their outstanding efforts in implementing or improving the recycling, waste reduction or buying recycled programs and educational efforts at their workplace.

  1. Emily Brophy (Westfield Corporation)

    Ms. Emily Brophy has worked to improve the recycling program at the Westfield Wheaton Mall. As the General Manager, she ensured the placement of recycling containers throughout the mall to allow both tenants and shoppers the ability to recycle.  She has also been instrumental in educating their tenants to ensure their active participation.

  2. Wayne Croft (Lockheed Martin Corporate Headquarters)

    Mr. Wayne Croft, Facilities Service at Lockheed Martin Corporate Headquarters, continually looks for ways to improve their recycling program.  Mr. Croft communicates recycling information to the employees to ensure everyone is aware of the recycling program and how to recycle.

  3. Meg Darnell (Brookfield Properties)

    Ms. Meg Darnell has reinvigorated the recycling program at 3 Bethesda Metro Center in Bethesda. In 2015, Ms. Darnell organized an Earth Day celebration and provided tenants with the opportunity to learn more about sustainability at the workplace. She conducts walk-throughs to identify ways that tenants can make recycling easier for their employees.  Ms. Darnell also encourages waste diversion with a trophy that “travels” amongst the tenants in the building who demonstrate the best waste diversion practices.

  4. Greg Dercach (Westfield Corporation)

    As the Assistant General Manager for Westfield Montgomery Mall, Mr. Greg Dercach has worked diligently to make recycling a priority at the mall. He continuously monitors loading docks for any problems and delivers recycling containers to the tenants. Mr. Dercach is always open to suggestions to improve the mall's recycling program.

  5. Kristina Folsom and Robert Langston (Environmental Management Support Inc.)

    Ms. Kristina Folsom and Mr. Robert Langston took the initiative to encourage and motivate their co-workers and their building’s property manager to do all they can to increase recycling.  Their tactful communications improved the recycling program, not just in their office space, but also for the entire office building.

  6. Edward Henry (Crawford Tire)

    Mr. Edward Henry at Crawford Tire, a small business in Bethesda, maintains a high recycling rate year after year. As an avid recycler, Mr. Henry is constantly looking for ways to recycle other materials such as wiper blades, metal from brake pads as well as spray paint cans.

  7. Greg Munson (Davis Construction)

    As the Facilities Manager for 12530 Parklawn Drive in Rockville, Mr. Greg Munson took the initiative to improve the building’s recycling program. After conducting a walk-through of the site, Mr. Munson placed properly labeled recycling containers in easily accessible locations to encourage recycling. As a result, tenants in this building have increased their recycling participation.

  8. Craig Pardini (CSAAC)

    Mr. Craig Pardini continues to lead and improve the recycling program at CSAAC. Mr. Pardini placed recycling containers in each classroom to make it easier for students and adults to recycle. Mr. Pardini encourages all staff members to use the desk side recycling containers to help increase their recycling efforts. He strives to educate both staff and students on why it is important to recycle and the proper ways to do so.

  9. Michael Reiser (MidAtlantic Realty Partners, LLC)

    In the three years that Mr. Michael Reiser has been the property manager at Bethesda Crossing, the recycling rate for this property has increased by 20 percent. Mr. Reiser constantly looks for ways to improve their recycling efforts. Some examples include holding educational meetings, providing recycling containers as part of move-in packages and featuring recycling awareness facts and suggestions in their monthly newsletter.

  10. Yvonne Vanderhorst (General Conference Corporation of the Seventh-Day Adventists)

    Ms. Yvonne Vanderhorst is dedicated to the recycling and waste reduction efforts at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Silver Spring. Throughout the years, she has looked for ways to improve their recycling program and reduce waste. She stays up-to-date on the County’s recycling and solid waste requirements and provides this information to her team, motivating them to do more.

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