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Transfer Station/Recycling Center User Fees

How may I pay?

The Transfer Station accepts cash and checks only. Sorry, we cannot accept credit or debit cards.

We may ask you to leave a deposit.

See how to create a disposal account with the Solid Waste Processing Facility and Transfer Station or the Montgomery County Recycling Center.

Transfer Station Trash Disposal/Yard Trim

Recyclable Materials Drop-Off Area

No charge, except as noted.

Includes these hand-unloaded materials:

Recyclable Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

Vehicles must be self-dumping; no hand-unloading at the Materials Recovery Facility.

Commingled containers

  • Accepted from residential and non-residential/commercial sources at no charge.
  • Examples include: bottles, jars, aluminum cans and clean aluminum foil, bi-metals cans, and plastic bottles, containers, and lids.

Residential Mixed Paper

  • Accepted from residential sources at no charge.
  • Not accepted from non-residential/commercial sources.
  • Includes all dry paper generated at residences, including multi-family buildings.
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