Emissions Data - Resource Recovery Facility

The composition of the gases generated in each combustion unit are sampled every ten seconds. This is referred to as "continuous emissions monitoring," or CEM. The numbers shown on our data pages are hourly averages.

An air pollution control retrofit at this facility in 2009 reduced nitrogen oxide emissions up to 500 tons a year.

The Resource Recovery Facility must comply with the requirements of Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Permit # 24-031-01718, as well as Federal standards. Under this air quality permit, the following limits must not be exceeded:

*Annual source testing emission standard, not a CEM standard

Operating Indication

Furnace Roof Temperature 1100 to 1600 °F, which corresponds approximately to furnace temperatures of 1800 to 2300 °F, respectively. When a unit is shut down, it takes hours for the temperature to decrease to ambient levels.