Food Scraps (Food Waste)

Images of food scraps

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) estimates that approximately 147,000 tons of food waste, or food scraps, was generated in Montgomery County, MD in calendar year 2015. This makes food waste the next frontier material, providing the greatest opportunity to recycle more, in the quest to achieve the County’s goal to reduce waste and recycle 70 percent by 2020. Recycling facility processing capacity for food waste is currently limited, but is developing within the region and beyond. Identifying and securing recycling capacity is a priority for the County.

In alignment with Montgomery County’s Integrated Solid Waste Management System, DEP is also working to develop a strategy to:

  1. Reduce the amount of food waste generated at the source
  2. Channel excess food to those with unmet needs
  3. Recycle/compost food waste into useful and usable material, and encourage the use of the resulting recycled material to ensure that there is sufficient demand for recycling.