Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan for the Years 2020 through 2029

Montgomery County Approval Date: March 31, 2015
(approved by the County Council for Montgomery County, Maryland)

Maryland Department of the Environment Approval Date: June 30, 2015

Entire Comprehensive Solid Waste Plan (PDF, 5.5 MB)

Plan Introduction and Chapters

  • Introduction (PDF, 2 MB)
    • Cover
    • Table of Contents
    • Executive Summary
    • Council Resolution 18-86 - Amendment to the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan
  • Chapter 1: Rules Governing Solid Waste Management (PDF, 175 kb)
  • Chapter 2: Population, Employment, and Land Use (PDF, 310 kb)
  • Chapter 3: Solid Waste Generation, Collection, and Acceptance Systems (PDF, 320 kb)
  • Chapter 4: Assessment of Solid Waste Management Needs (PDF, 2 MB)
  • Chapter 5: Solid Waste Management System Plan of Action (PDF, 215 kb)


  • Appendix A: Definitions and Acronyms (PDF, 98 kb)
  • Appendix B: Material Flow Diagram and Recycling Calculations: Calendar Year 2012 (PDF, 72 kb)
  • Appendix C: Landfill Site Selection Criteria (PDF, 309 kb)
  • Appendix D: Community Agreements (PDF, 5.2 MB)
    1. Circuit Court Civil Action No 186857 "Stipulated Order of Dismissal IN THE CASE OF Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Montgomery County Site Two.
    2. "Agreement of Settlement and Compromise" dated April 19, 1996 by and between the Sugarloaf Citizens Association, Inc. and Montgomery County.
    3. "First Amendment to Agreement of Settlement and Compromise" dated April 19, 1996 by and between the Sugarloaf Citizens Association, Inc and Montgomery County.
  • Appendix E: Council Resolution 13-1498, “Creation of Facilities Implementation Group” (PDF, 363 kb)
  • Appendix F: Montgomery County Executive Regulation 6-99AM "Expansion of Leaf Vacuuming Collection District" (PDF, 2.6 MB)
  • Appendix G: Recommendations provided by the Maryland–National Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) (PDF, 65 kb)
  • Appendix H: Montgomery County Executive Regulation 7-12, "Solid Waste and Recycling" (PDF, 189 kb)
  • Appendix I: Montgomery County Executive Regulation 15-04AM, “Residential and Commercial Recycling” and Executive Regulation 18-04, “Collection, Transport, and Disposal of Solid Waste” (PDF, 9.5 MB)

School Recycling Plans

The following two School Recycling Plans, responsive to the Maryland Schools Recycling Plan Law and Section 9-1703(b) and (g) of the Environmental Article, Annotated code of Maryland, were approved by County Council Resolution 16-1486, and adopted by reference into the County’s Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, on September 28, 2010: