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Montgomery County Business Recycling Seminar

Montgomery County, Maryland has a goal to reduce waste and recycle 70 percent of all waste generated by 2020.

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Solid Waste Services SORRT (Smart Organizations Reduce and Recycle Tons) Program provides assistance to businesses to increase their recycling achievement and maximize the amount of materials recycled.

We invite your business or organization to attend this educational business recycling seminar to:

  • Learn about
    • the latest on waste reduction and recycling in Montgomery County, including the types of materials that can be recycled
    • recent changes to our recycling regulations
  • Get information on how to comply with the County’s ban on polystyrene food service products and loose fill packaging
  • Obtain updated samples of educational materials that are available for businesses to educate your staff, vendors and customers
  • Hear about the experiences of other businesses and commercial properties that improved their recycling efforts
  • Meet with County staff to get all of your recycling questions answered

Why Attend?

These events are a unique opportunity to network with local business owners, managers, and employees and learn more about waste reduction, reuse, recycling and buying recycled products, as well as the services provided by the Montgomery County SORRT Program.

We have no seminars scheduled at this time.

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