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Montgomery County Multi-Family Recycling Seminar

Find out how your property can maximize recycling achievement to recycle 70% by 2020!

At our Multi-Family Recycling Seminar, you will:

  • Meet with Montgomery County staff and get all of your solid waste and recycling questions answered
  • Receive specific information on services and programs provided by Montgomery County
  • Learn the latest information on the types of materials that can be recycled in Montgomery County
  • Obtain educational materials designed to help properties improve their recycling efforts
  • Get tips on ways to maximize recycling at your property

Recycling is the law in Montgomery County, and the County has a goal to reduce waste and recycle 70% of all waste generated by 2020. Residents and staff of all multi-family properties are required to recycle and can play a major role in helping the County meet its goal.

There are no seminars scheduled at this time.

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