Yard Trim (grass, leaves, and brush)

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Keep Junk Out of Yard Trim - The Beast

It's called the Beast. It's Montgomery County's 95,000 lb grinder with metal teeth. The Beast chews up leaves and yard trim to make Leafgro®, sending the leaves and yard trim back to the earth. The Beast chews 200 tons of yard trim per hour unless it eats junk. Junk jams and breaks the Beast's teeth, costing taxpayer money to fix it. Please put ONLY leaves and yard trim in collection bags so the Beast can chew this up and send it back to the earth. Let's save money and save the planet!

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What can I do with yard trim in my own yard?

How do I have my yard trim collected at my curb?

May I drop off my yard trim?

Yes, you may bring yard trim to our Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station. Depending on the amount you deliver, the yard trim disposal fee may apply.

May I receive leaf vacuuming?

The Highway Maintenance Section (Department of Transportation, Division of Operations) provides leaf vacuuming to certain areas of Montgomery County. See leaf vacuuming details, including a service area map, collection dates, progress reports, and more.