Let’s Keep Plogging! #MontgomeryPlogs #PloggingChallenge

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What is plogging? It started as a fitness trend in Sweden! People organized picking up trash while jogging to better enjoy their route. They would post photos of them jogging and picking up trash to challenge others to do the same! The term “Plogging” is a combination of two Swedish words: “plocka upp” (to pick up) and “jogga” (to jog). The trend became popular on social media with everyone posting their photos and using #plogging.

Do you plog? Plogging entails jogging/walking and quickly stopping to pick up trash while you go. MC Energy Connections launched #MontgomeryPlogs last year to encourage people to pick up trash on their normal walking/jogging route. The Plogging Challenge is a fun engaging way to raise awareness about stormwater pollution while providing Montgomery County residents the opportunity to take action and help with stormwater pollution prevention by cleaning up litter from streams, stormwater ponds, etc.

We are continuing the #PloggingChallenge! We want everyone in Montogmery County to keep plogging, or start if you haven’t joined us yet! Plogging is easy, many people realized they have been plogging for a long time already. We are all making a difference in reducing trash pollution together by plogging in our local neighborhoods.

Two young students holding trash bag and plogging stick

How to Participate

Sign up for the #MontgomeryPlogs #Challenge!

Please follow instructions provided during registration to report cleanup data!

You can join the #PloggingChallenge on social media by taking a picture of yourself Plogging in Montgomery County and either tag our Instagram account @mygreenmc or use our hashtag #MontgomeryPlogs on Instagram.