RainScapes for Landscape Contractors


Landscape professionals are key to the success of widespread adoption of RainScapes on private property throughout Montgomery County. Landscape professionals include landscapers, landscape architects, designers, stone masons and garden center staff.

The RainScapes program offers these professionals specialized training to educate them on all aspects related to RainScaping. 

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Why should my business and staff learn more about RainScapes?

There are many benefits for landscape professionals who attend RainScapes trainings. 

  • Increased business within the environmental and "green" communities and the ever growing number of residents interested in landscape solutions that help the environment and solve their site issues. 

  • Exposure on the RainScapes website and other outreach campaigns.

  • Expanded skill set that applies outside of Montgomery County. Stormwater runoff is a growing problem in many urban and suburban communities and the skills learned will only serve your business in the future.

  • Inspiration!  Understanding how to prevent stormwater runoff through landscaping could help inspire future design projects not within the RainScapes program.

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Finding a Landscape Professional

RainScapes Contractor List  (PDF, 854KB)

  • This above list contains the names of companies whose employees have taken a Rainscapes Contractors training class and is provided to you for informational purpose only.   Montgomery County, Maryland does not endorse, recommend, or make representations regarding individual vendors, products or services.  Therefore, inclusion in the above list does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or approval by Montgomery County concerning the quality of products or services offered or provided by any company whose name appears on this site. Please check with your contractor for proof of appropriate licenses, such as professional registration and MHIC (if installing work). 

  • RainScapes training is not  a certification program. Two new certification programs are now offered in the region: The National Green Infrastructure Certified Professional and the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional. Professionals attending RainScapes classes have been allowed to use them as continuing education credits for LACES (Landscape Architects), NGICP and CBLP.


For further tips in selecting a qualified professional please see our RainScapes - Choosing a Professional document. (PDF, 310KB)


What trainings are offered to Landscape Professionals?

Every year, the RainScapes program offers two specialized training courses to landscape professionals. The classroom training typically occurs in January with a follow up field day training occurring in spring. These trainings last for a full day and are free of charge. To be notified of the dates of the trainings, please sign up for our RainScapes Gazette for Professionals



Image of a RainScapes landscaper training

Classroom Courses

  • Overview  of RainScapes Program

  • Site Assessment  Techniques

  • Rain Garden/Conservation Landscape Design



Image of a field day.

Field Day

  • Field days apply information learned in the classroom at an actual site.

  • During a Field Day site evaluation skills for placing RainScapes will be reviewed on-site. Then the class will either construct a rain garden using materials provided by DEP or participate in a site assessment - design charette.

  • It is required to complete the RainScapes classroom courses  prior to participating in the Field Days class.



Non-RainScapes Training Certifications:

  • Site Assessment Techniques

    • Site Assessment Basics

    • Delineating Drainage Area

    • Locating Rain Gardens and Conservation Landscapes

  • Rain Garden and Conservation Landscape Design

Montgomery College Courses

Stormwater Maintenance

  • In addition to RainScapes training, approved training for County maintained Stormwater facilities is conducted by the Stormwater Maintenance Section of DEP.