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RainScapes Neighborhoods


RainScapes Neighborhood is a community or neighborhood in need of more intensive stormwater control projects.  The County works with local residents to implement stormwater management projects on private and public land.  RainScapes reduce runoff from residential properties, and include rain gardens, conservation landscaping, rain barrels and cisterns. These projects may also help reduce drainage problems from adjacent properties.

A RainScape Neighborhood is determined by:

  • the need for large scale restoration projects in order for the neighborhood’s stormwater control to be effective;

  • a County watershed planning study or MS4 Implementation Plan;

  • whether the neighborhood has drainage problems which require more intensive runoff reduction;

  • the existence of an active watershed group or community association which is interested in supporting the stormwater control effort and has good communication networks in the neighborhood; or

  • the location. The neighborhood is in a good location for partnership efforts with other County agencies such as the Department of Transportation, in order to more efficiently deliver services. 



Where are the RainScapes Neighborhoods?

Search for your address to see if your property is within a designated RainScapes Neighborhood area. If your property falls within a shaded area on the map, you might be eligible to participate in the RainScapes Neighborhoods program.  If it does not, go to the  RainScapes Rewards Rebates  page to learn how you can participate in the Program.


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Targeted Neighborhoods in Montgomery County



How to Participate

When DEP selects a neighborhood to participate in the program, DEP conducts an inventory of potential project opportunities and limitations. The next step is to hold workshops and training events to help residents understand how various projects work. Projects such as rain gardens, conservation landscaping and rain barrels are explained and then may be offered to be installed on properties that qualify. For those properties not eligible for full installation, RainScapes can be a retrofit via the RainScapes Rewards Rebates program.

Property owners who wish to participate in the program sign an agreement with the County to maintain all projects.

If you are in a RainScape neighborhood and wish to participate in the program, please email  RainScapes.

DEP will monitor the level of participation and the amount of runoff reduction that can be achieved within small drainage areas in these neighborhoods with a combination of flow monitoring equipment, follow-up surveys, and site visits after projects are installed.


Local Watershed Organizations

DEP encourages local watershed organizations to lead stewardship efforts in their community. DEP partners with local nonprofits to reach as many citizens as possible within RainScapes neighborhoods and to provide opportunities for new neighborhoods to join the program.

Participating organizations will receive technical assistance and supplies from DEP for project installation. DEP is currently working with the Friends of Sligo Creek in several neighborhoods and they expect to expand the effort in the Rock Creek watershed with the help of the Friends of Rock Creek’s Environment group. If you interested in learning more about RainScapes Neighborhoods,and partnerships, please email RainScapes .


How does a Community Qualify as a RainScapes Neighborhood?

RainScapes Neighborhoods are determined by DEP based on watershed conditions, local community support, existing/ongoing infrastructure improvements in the neighborhood, and other landscape factors.

The geographic locations of current RainScapes Neighborhoods are primarily in more populated watershed regions of the County including Rock Creek, the Anacostia River drainages (Sligo Creek, Northwest Branch, and Paint and Little Paint Branch), and selected watersheds that drain directly to the Potomac River. 

Projects which are in the targeted neighborhood but not on a targeted property may apply for a Rainscapes Rewards Rebates.


Goals and Methods

The County has set a goal that a minimum of 30 percent of the properties in a RainScapes Neighborhood will have some form of stormwater control project. The purpose of this goal is to achieve a measurable reduction in stormwater runoff.    

With a measurable implementation approach, RainScapes in these neighborhoods will have a greater combined impact, resulting in clean, healthy local streams while adding value through attractive landscaping throughout the community. 

We encourage every resident in the neighborhood to select an appropriate RainScapes technique to install, or take other easy steps to reduce stormwater pollution from their yard .

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