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RainScapes Resources


The resources on this page provide information for the general public and landscape professionals.

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Top 5 Resources

Manuals & Guides
  • Project Manuals, Contractor Directory, Rebate Requirements & Guides
Plant Lists
  • Suggested Plants, Invasive Species & Plant Sales
Resources by RainScapes Projects
  • Including Conservation Landscapes, Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, etc. 
Language Resources
  • Amharic, Chinese, French, Korean and Spanish
Additional Resources

RainScapes Calendar:

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Top 5 Resources


Manuals and Guides

Project Manuals


Contractor Directory

*Disclaimer: The products and companies listed above are provided solely as an impartial reference and do not constitute an official endorsement or approval by the Montgomery County Government or any of its agencies. The individuals and companies listed have attended our classes and are familiar with our program. Please check their    state licensing board status as a home improvement contractor (MHIC) prior to hiring their services.  

This list is provided as a courtesy to Montgomery County residents who are interested in finding a landscape professional to help them design and/or install a RainScape.

Rebate Project Requirements

RainScapes Guides



Plant Lists



Resources by RainScapes Projects

Canopy Trees

Conservation Landscapes


Dry Wells


Green Roofs


Pavement Removal


Permeable Pavement


Rain Barrels & Cisterns


Rain Gardens


Language Resources


Additional Resources

Upcoming Workshops

RainScapes Gazettes

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Useful Links

  • Assessing your Site: Residential Uses of LID (Low Impact Development) 
    Hold the mouse cursor over any colored part of the image to identify the LID technique that is being used in this setting. Click on this same area to go directly to the relevant design page.


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