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The resources on this page provide information for the general public and landscape professionals.

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Top 6 Resources

Video Guides

Plant Lists
  • Suggested Plants, Invasive Species & Plant Sales
Resources by RainScapes Projects
  • Including Conservation Landscapes, Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, etc. 
Language Resources
  • Amharic, Chinese, French, Korean and Spanish
Additional Resources

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Top 6 Resources

  • ​First Steps  (PDF, 545KB)
  • Application Process (PDF, 1.16MB)

  • How to Make a Planting Plan (PDF, 388kb)

  • Rewards Rebate Amounts (PDF, 258KB)

  • Choosing a Professional (PDF, 311KB)
    • The above list of associations is posted on this site for informational purpose only. Montgomery County, Maryland does not endorse, recommend, or make representations regarding the individual vendors, products or services that may be obtained through these associations. 

  • RainScapes Contractor List  (PDF, 854KB)
    • This above list contains the names of companies whose employees have taken a Rainscapes Contractors training class and is  provided to you for informational purpose only.  Montgomery County, Maryland does not endorse, recommend, or make representations regarding individual vendors, products or services.  Therefore, inclusion in the above list does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or approval by Montgomery County concerning the quality of products or services offered or provided by any company whose name appears on this site. Please check with your contractor for proof of appropriate licenses, such as professional registration and MHIC (if installing work).  ​

    • RainScapes training is not  a certification program. Two new certification programs are now offered in the region: The  National Green Infrastructure Certified Professional and the  Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional. Professionals attending RainScapes classes have been allowed to use them as continuing education credits for LACES (Landscape Architects), NGICP and CBLP.


Video Guides


Facebook Live Videos and Links


Plant Lists



Resources by RainScapes Projects

Canopy Trees


Conservation Landscapes


Green Roofs


Pavement Removal


Permeable Pavement


Rain Barrels & Cisterns


Rain Gardens


Language Resources








Additional Resources


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