Lake Whetstone Dam Toe Drain Repair


Lake Whetstone Dam Toe Drain Repair project is located on the downstream side of the dam, just west of Montgomery Village Ave, which runs along the top of the dam. The project work area is located on property owned by Montgomery Village and South Village Homeowners Association.

During DEP’s routine maintenance inspection of the Lake Whetstone dam and outfall it was discovered that the toe drain is corroded and in need of replacement. The purpose of the toe drain is to collect water seepage in the earthen dam and safely convey it to the pond outfall (8” toe drain outlet pipes can be seen on either side of the large rectangular spillway pipes in the photo below).  Toe drains perform an important function in maintaining a safe and secure dam. If not replaced the toe drain pipe would eventually collapse and fail to convey water seepage safely through the dam.

The repair work will involve abandonment of the existing toe drain pipe, excavating a new trench and placement of two new 8” slotted, double walled, corrugated HDPE (plastic) pipes that terminate at the concrete outfall wall. 

Lake Whestone Outfall - Toe Drain is Located Behind Concrete Wall

Project Location:

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Project Plan Overview:

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