Watkins Mill Stormwater Pond Retrofit


Watkins Mill Pond #1 is located on Homeowner Association property in a stream valley in the Seneca Creek Watershed.  The pond is part of the Apple Ridge community and provides treatment for 20 acres of the community including the townhomes and associated impervious area such as roads, parking areas and sidewalks.   This pond was accepted into the County’s stormwater facility maintenance program for structural maintenance in 2005.    The County DEP provides structural maintenance and the HOA is responsible for non-structural maintenance such as routine trash removal.  

Stormwater management ponds in the County are routinely inspected for function and safety. An inspection found that several components of the Watkins Mill Pond #1 were in need of repair. An engineering consultant was hired by DEP to perform an evaluation, and subsequently recommended repair work.  The consultant report indicated that the pond is not in conformance with current standards for stormwater control, and there is need for repair work on the overflow structure and associated pipes that are corroding. Additionally, the consultant indicated that the dam is in need of repair.
The consultant determined that the pond should be retrofitted to provide improved stormwater control for the contributing drainage area.  The new riser structure and dam embankment will be constructed to meet the current safety standards.



Watkins Mill Stormwater Pond




Watkins Mill Stormwater Pond
Watkins Mill Stormwater Pond Location Map (PDF, 2.2MB)


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