Clearspring Manor Stormwater Pond Upgrades and Stream Restoration


As a part of the county's effort to protect our waters, the Clearspring Manor Stormwater Pond and a section of the stream that flows into the pond were selected for restoration to help reduce the impacts that stormwater runoff can have on our streams.  Because this project is located within property owned by Montgomery County Parks it is split into two seperate projects, 1) Clearspring Manor Stormwater Pond Retrofit Project (managed by the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection) and 2) Clearspring Manor Stream Restoration Project (managed by Montgomery County Parks).

Clearspring Manor Stormwater Pond Retrofit Project:   Originally constructed in 1980, the pond captures stormwater runoff from a total of 66 acres that includes residental housing and streets in the Clearspring Manor Community.  Over the past 40 years stormwater runoff has eroded the stream channel flowing into the pond resulting in large amounts of sediment deposition, filling the pond and eliminating water storage capacity.  Additionally, the original corrugated metal riser structure, that regulates flow from the pond and the corrugated metal pipe (principal spillway) that conveys water from the pond through the dam embankment, are both rusted and need to be replaced.  The planned retrofit will provide much needed maintenance repairs and bring the pond into compliance with current safety and performance standards. 

Clearspring Manor Stream Restoration Project:   The project area includes approximately 800 feet of the Clearspring Tributary, between Conrad Drive and the stormwater pond.  Clearspring Tributary flows into Magruder Branch which is a tributary to Great Seneca Creek.  The stream channel within the project area is highly eroded with steep high banks that prevent the stream from spreading out in the floodplain during high flow events resulting in further erosion of the stream channel.  One of the primary goals of the project is to reconnect the stream with the floodplain by raising the stream invert allowing it to spread out during high flow events, disapating the erosive energy.  Other goals of the project include; improved habitat in the stream and the floodpain, improved water quality, reduced erosion and sediment transport to the newly restored Clearspring Manor Stormwater Pond.       






Image of Clearspring Manor Restoration
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