Peachwood II Pond Maintenance Upgrade


Peachwood II stormwater management pond is located on M-NCPPC property in the Peachwood HOA community. The pond drains to Good Hope Tributary and is in the County's Upper Paint Branch Special Protection Area . DEP provides structural maintenance and, as landowner, M-NCPPC is responsible for non-structural maintenance such as routine trash removal and mowing.

Stormwater management ponds in the County are routinely inspected for function and safety. A recent DEP inspection identified structural issues in the riser structure and outflow pipe at Peachwood II. An engineering consultant was hired by DEP to design the needed repair work. Project goals include replacing the existing metal riser control structure and outflow pipes with new concrete structures and restoring grading and elevation to original design elevations. The pond will remain as a dry pond stormwater facility. Once completed, turfgrass will be installed on the dam embankment and native wet meadow seed mix planted inside the pond's retention basin. 


Peachwood II Stormwater Pond



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