Stormwater Facility Maintenance Program


The Stormwater Facility Maintenance Program is responsible for inspecting and ensuring maintenance of all public and private stormwater management facilities within Montgomery County (excluding the municipalities of City of Rockville, Gaithersburg and Takoma Park).

DEP is responsible for more than 12,000 facilities. It is vital that these structures be maintained in working order so they function as intended, providing protection and stormwater management for our parks, schools, and businesses.

The program is paid for by the Water Quality Protection Charge (WQPC). The WQPC is a part of Montgomery County property tax bills and it raises funds to improve the water quality of our streams and reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff.


Stormwater Management System Renovation Videos

Check out a three-part video series on our renovation of the stormwater management system at the Holiday Park Senior Center!

Part 1 - How Does it Work?

Part 1 - How Does it Work?

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Part 2 - Bioretention Planting Redesign

Part 2 - Bioretention Planting Redesign

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Part 3 - Bioretention Plants

Part 3 - Bioretention Plants

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Inspection and Maintenance of Facilities

Together, with residents and business owners, and the funding made possible by the WQPC, DEP inspects and maintains stormwater management facilities in the County to keep residents and visitors safe while protecting the environment.

There are more than 12,000 stormwater management facilities in the County that require inspection. When they function well, stormwater facilities:

  • Reduce flooding in our urban environment

  • Remove pollution carried by stormwater

  • Recharge the groundwater supply

  • Protect local stream banks from erosion

  • Protect public health

But, stormwater facilities can become clogged by trash, debris, sediment and mud, or other stormwater pollutants. They can develop structural cracks and leaks over time and need regular maintenance to prevent problems. 

The Stormwater Facility Maintenance Program inspects stormwater facilities at least every three years in order to make sure the facilities are functioning. 

The inspection is used to determine a facility's condition and to identify its need for maintenance. Without proper inspections and maintenance, we would not know when a facility has failed. Once a facility fails, the cost of repairs isexpensive and can result in property damage or other loss. Providing routine maintenance and inspections can keep the stormwater facilities working as intended, save money, property, and protect public safety.



Who can Maintain Stormwater Facilities?

All stormwater facility maintenance contractors working in Montgomery County are required to have a Certificate of Attendance from the Department of Environmental Protection's Stormwater Facility Maintenance Contractor Training. Once contractors have attended a training, they will be placed on a list of contractors approved by the County for maintenance of stormwater facilities.

DEP's Stormwater Facility Maintenance Program relies on skilled and knowledgeable contractors to perform maintenance on stormwater management facilities. A company that performs maintenance on a stormwater management facility must hold a certificate of attendance from an approved training program. DEP offers a list of all the companies that have completed the required training. A new list will be posted soon!



Where are the County's Stormwater Facilities?

The interactive map below shows all of the County's stormwater facilities. The colored dots represent different types of stormwater facilities. Clicking on a dot will reveal that particular facilities type. Look for your property on the map!


( Accessible Map)

(Please click on the arrows in the top left corner to view legend)


Problems and Concerns

If you have a problem with a stormwater facility, such as odor, standing water, or trash and debris, contact DEP at 311 or submit to the online complaint form.   Your questions can also be emailed to .

  • Mosquitoes

    • Stormwater facilities that are functioning as they were designed will not cause mosquito problems. Most facilities, except wet ponds, are designed to drain within 72 hours. DEP has developed a webpage and brochure with all the information you need to identify if mosquitoes are coming from a mal-functioning stormwater management facility and how to prevent these issues. Visit the County's Mosquitoes website.

  • Storm Drain Problems

  • Stormwater Ponds


Image of a DEP staff member cleaning around a storm drain.



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