Service Area Category Changes


Water and sewer service area categories established in the County’s Water and Sewer Plan serve in part to designate where the County has planned either for public water or sewer service or for private wells and septic systems. 

A property owner will file a request with DEP to change a property’s service area categories most often in order to allow for public water or sewer service for a property currently planned to use onsite wells and septic systems. DEP receives category change requests from a variety of applicants, including: owners of properties looking for service for an existing house, development interests planning multiple-lot subdivisions, and places of worship planning to relocate to a larger site. 

This page has instructions for filing a category change request application with DEP.  All category change request applications proceed through an intake, review, and decision process, as explained below. 


The Status Change Process


Types of Processes


Schedule and Completed Actions

Application Hearing Schedule

The following provides information on the current or most recent administrative delegation and County Council hearing groups.  The administrative groups start immediately below and the County Council follows thereafter.

Current Administrative Correction Packet

AD 2020-C Administrative Correction Packet

Administrative category correction actions involve an interagency review process, but typically do not require a public hearing, as specified in Chapter 1 of the Water and Sewer Plan, Section V.D.2.c., page 1-73.

The proposed AD 2020-C correction action includes two separate category map amendments that comprise a total of ten properties. Nine of the following ten properties need corrections from W-4 or S-6 to categories W-1 or S-1 to acknowledge existing WSSC water or sewer service:

Correction Amendment 20-POT-02C

  • 8800 Saunders Ln. (correct category S-6 to S-1)
  • 8820 Saunders Ln.* (correct category S-6 to S-1)
  • 8900 Saunders Ln. (correct category S-6 to S-1)
  • 8930 Saunders Ln. (maintain category S-6**)
*Two parcels.
**Existing sewer connection, but no sewer service allowed pending approved sewer category change to S-1.

Correction Amendment 20-TRV-12C

  • 11608 Lake Potomac Dr. (correct category S-6 to S-1)
  • 11612 Lake Potomac Dr. (correct category S-6 to S-1)
  • 11616 Lake Potomac Dr. (correct category S-6 to S-1)
  • 11620 Lake Potomac Dr. (correct category S-6 to S-1)
  • 11624 Lake Potomac Dr. (correct category S-6 to S-1)

Following the receipt of interagency review comments, DEP staff will provide the Director with this proposed administrative action for approval, as appropriate. DEP staff expect to have this action prepared for the Director on or about June 26, 2020. DEP will then transmit copies of the approved action to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) for State consideration and concurrence.


Current Administrative Review Packet

AD 2020-2 Administrative Packet

UPDATE – 5/13/2020 

The purpose of an administrative hearing is for DEP to receive comments from the requested applicants on the staff recommendation, and to receive comments from citizens and organizations that may be affected by the proposed amendments.   

DEP scheduled a virtual public hearing on the three category change requests included in Administrative Delegation group AD 2020-2 for Wednesday, May 13, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.  The use of a virtual hearing was done to conform with State and County operating procedures under the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.  Notices for the hearing required that individuals wanting to participate in the hearing contact DEP to receive instructions.  No one contacted DEP to express an interest in participating; as a result, DEP staff did not hold the virtual hearing.   

Regardless, the hearing record will remain open for written testimony until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.  All written testimony concerning this proposed action must be received by DEP by that time.  Email written testimony to or contact Mr. Dizelos by email or at 240-777-7755 for further instructions.  

Following the closing of the public hearing record, and after receiving comments from the Montgomery County Planning Board and the County Council, the director of DEP will act on the proposed amendments.  DEP will send a notice of this action to the applicants, to those of you providing written testimony, and to the Maryland Department of the Environment.  DEP will also send this notice to the County Council, the Planning Board, the Maryland - National Capital Park and Planning Commission, and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. 

The State of Maryland has sixty days to review and comment on the Director's action. During the State's review period, applicants may pursue development plans based on the outcome of this administrative action, including contacting the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to request water and/or sewer service.  Pending concurrence from MDE, the applicants may proceed with their plans at their own risk. 

This administrative hearing will include the following map and text amendments:

  • 20-PAX-02A at 4238 Sandy Spring Road, Burtonsville: by Daniel and Shelby Lethbridge
  • 20-PAX-03A at 1809 Ednor Road, Silver Spring: by Ever Campos
  • 20-TRV-08A at 9312 Overlea Drive, Rockville: by Liang Zhao and Kunyi Wu
Public Hearing Schedule

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 , at 9 :00 a.m.  
Location: Teleconference – Due to Covid-19 operating status.  Please contact for instructions to join hearing.   

DEP expects to close the hearing record at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. All written testimony must be received by DEP by the specified date and time. Please submit written testimony to George Dizelos at .  

Planning Board Hearing and Work Session

The County Planning Board will consider M-NCPPC staff recommendations for these map amendments and take public testimony if offered.  The Board will then forward its recommendations to DEP as part of the administrative hearing process.  Please refer to the Planning Board’s website for information on providing testimony, for agenda details, and for the M-NCPPC staff report.

Time: Refer to the Board’s posted agenda (see the link above)
Location: M-NCPPC Montgomery Regional Office; 8787 Georgia Ave., First Floor Auditorium, Silver Spring


Current County Council Review Packet

County Executive’s April 2020 Category Change Packet and Transmittal

This transmittal packet includes three category change requests for consideration by the County Council. Information about the Council’s public hearing is pending.

County Executive’s April 2020 Transmittal Packet
The County Executive’s transmittal packet includes the following three category change requests: 

WSCCR 19-CLO-02A: Rubens Josefino – 340 Ednor Rd. (sewer) 

WSCCR 19-CLO-03A: O’Keefe Family Trust (for Mar Thoma Congregation) – 15400 New Hampshire Ave. (water/sewer) 

WSCCR 19-TRV-10A: Benjamin Gompf & Renee Shumer - 13546 Travilah Rd. (sewer) 

DEP Public Hearing Notice



Public Hearing and Worksession Schedule

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, June 9th, starting at 1:30 p.m. 
  • Location: Due to COVID-19 procedures, this will be a virtual public hearing conducted by the County Council.  Those wishing to testify must sign up in advance to receive instructions ( via this link).
  • Hearing record closes  To be announced.


  • Date/Time:  Monday, June 15, 2020 , at 2:30 p.m. (Item #2) .
  • Location: See the County Council Committee agenda link below  for information .
  • Please check the County Council’s committee agenda for the scheduling of and additional information about this item, including the County Council staff packet.

  • Anticipated Date/Time: Tuesday, July 7 (See Council agenda for the expected time. Link provided below.)
  • Location: Remote meeting.  (Refer to the County Council’s meeting agenda. Link provided below.)
  • Please check the Council’s agenda for the scheduling of and additional information about this item, including the County Council staff packet and instructions for viewing.

Following the Council’s action on these category change requests, the Council will transmit the approved resolution to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) for review and confirmation.  MDE has 60 days to make its determination concerning the Council’s action, but can choose to extend its review time, if necessary  A copy of MDE’s determination will be posted to the webpage; see the “Completed Actions” tab below.

View the "Completed Actions" tab below to see other recent Council resolutions for the Water and Sewer Plan.
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