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Montgomery County Maryland Office of Human Resources
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Link to the Benefits on the Office of Human Resource’s Resource Library

Board of Investment Trustees *

“The Board is responsible for overseeing the investment programs for the County’s Employee Retirement Plans including the Employees’ Retirement System, Retirement Savings Plan, Deferred Compensation Plan, and the Retiree Health Benefits Trust”

County Government Departments

Comprehensive list of departments, contacts and abbreviations.

County Stat

Links to departmental reports and dashboards.

County Government Telephone Directory

An alphabetical list of County Departments and Agencies.

Contract Resource Center *

The Office of the Attorney General posted these templates, references and contract language.

Training and Development

A good place to start is from the Training Tab on the Office of Human Resource’s Resource Library page. 

Disciplinary Actions – Represented Employees

Refer to the appropriate bargaining unit agreement. Disciplinary Actions – Non-Represented Employees

Section 33 Disciplinary Actions

Drug Testing

Link takes you to:  MCPR 2001 Section 32, Employee Drug and Alcohol Use and Drug and Alcohol Testing (amended 7/12/2011)

The Occupational Medical Service staff is responsible for drug testing.


Self-Help Information Portal (SHIP)

Employee Assistance Program

This program assists employees and supervisors.  There are a number of online resources, including classes and tutorials dealing with personal, interpersonal and workplace problems.  To enter the database, In the Username box, type in MCG, in all capital letters


This page will take you to the on-line programs for MCTime, the Recruiting Portal and Human Resources Administration.  Use your Single Sign-on to log-in.

Facility Maintenance

Administrative Procedure 5-18. Facility Maintenance Explains how and when to make maintenance service requests.

Facilities – Maintenance/Service Request Form

Facilities - Office, Telephone, and Computer Move/ New Telephone Request

Financial Disclosure

This link will take you to the Financial Disclosure on-line Filing system

Incident Reports

Information about completing and filing Incident Reports can be found using this link County Security Information

Injuries – Customers *

Comprehensive information is located on the Risk Management Page.   Scroll to the bottom of the page to Injuries-Risk Management.

Injuries – Staff *

Comprehensive information is located on the Risk Management Page under Injury and Accident Reporting.

Leave - Scheduling and Approving – Represented Employees

See the appropriate labor agreements.

IAFF Labor Agreement 2008-2011


  • Article 6 -Annual Leave
  • Article 8 - Parental Leave
  • Article 7 - Sick Leave
  • Article 9 - Administrative Leave
  • Article 10 - Disability Leave
FOP Labor Agreement 2007-2010
  • Article 14 - Holiday Leave and Pay
  • Article 16 - Parental Leave
  • Article 18 - Annual Leave
  • Article 19 - Sick Leave and Sick Leave Donor Procedure
  • Article 20 - Leave Without Pay
  • Article 22 - Professional Improvement Leave
MCGEO Labor Agreement 2007-2010
  • Article 14 - Annual Leave
  • Article 15 - Sick Leave
  • Article 16 - Leave without Pay
  • Article 17 - Disability Leave
  • Article 18 - Parental Leave
  • Article 19 - Administrative Leave
  • Article 20 - Holiday Leave

Leave - Scheduling and Approving – Non-represented Employees

MCtime Support Website

Information about Montgomery County’s electronic timecard system.

Media Relation Guide *

Information from the Office of Public information about handling press contacts

Montgomery County Government

This public information piece, available in several languages, is informative and accessible.

Outside Employment

List the Directives Governing Employment outside the County Service.

Performance Appraisals

Workforce Performance Management (WPM) is an online human resources information technology application. The key module in WPM is performance management. This tool is used to implement the systematic performance management process.

Performance Management

Performance management is an ongoing cycle of creating a performance plan, observing and documenting performance and behavior, providing feedback, coaching and mentoring, and finally, evaluating performance to assess trends and plan for the future.  See the Performance Management Guide for an overview of each of these processes.

Procurement *

The Office of Procurement has an excellent, interactive glossary posted at this link.

Procurement Glossary.

Procurement Process – Informal *

In accordance with Bill No. 23-04, modifications to the informal procurement process have been introduced. 

Recruitment and Selection

Information located on the HR Resource Library – Recruitment and Selection.  See also the Career Website

Results-Based Budgeting *

Link to the Office of Management and Budget’s training materials about results based budgeting.

Recycling *

Recycling Rate by Department

Risk Management *

This link takes you to Injury and Accident Reporting, Safety Polices, Procedures, Forms, Checklists, and MCG Safety Institute Class Descriptions.

Rockville Core Parking Information *

Information about parking facilities and polices for employees in Rockville

Safety Program – Risk Management *

This link takes you to Injury and Accident Reporting, Safety Polices, Procedures, Forms, Checklists, and MCG Safety Institute Class Descriptions.

Transform MCG *

Information about the MC311, MCTime, and Enterprise Resource Planning projects

Translation Help *

Provides access to Language Bank – Volunteer Searchable on-line database; and Translation and Interpreter Assistance.

MC Portal *

Montgomery County employees’ link to the Montgomery County Intranet site; only accessible from a Montgomery County network computer.

Work Improvement Plans

For represented employees, start with the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.


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