New Employee Onboarding

Group of five diverse professionals sitting at a table.

Welcome to the MCG team! Below are mandatory forms that you are required to complete. Please be sure to print a copy for your records.  During orientation, you will be instructed to complete additional information online, such as tax-related forms. Also be sure to review the other three tabbed sections above (Optional Forms/Information, Other Relevant Documents, and, if applicable, Management Leadership Services) and review and/or complete any relevant documents. 

Instructions for I-9 Form
Prior to Orientation, complete the  Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form) SeamlessDoc. Federal Law requires that this be completed within three business days of the first day of employment or the employee must be terminated (which is why it is preferred that you complete this prior to orientation). Ensure that you enter something in every block in Section 1 “Employee Information and Attestation,” even if you enter N/A, and that you have checked one of the boxes in the “Preparer and/or Translator Certification” section. Also, be sure to provide your original and unexpired "Identity and Employment Authorization" documents for in-person examination as listed under the I-9 Form's section, "Lists of Acceptable Documents." 

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