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Occupational Medical Services

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OHR’s Occupational Medical Services (OMS) department is responsible for providing occupational medical services to promote the health, wellness, and productivity of the County workforce. OMS provides cost effective, and responsive occupational health services to all County employees, pre-employment evaluations, and disability case management. Our services include all public safety units within the county including career and volunteer firefighters.

OMS is also responsible for the administration of and management of the County’s Drug Free Workplace program, Federal DOT drug and alcohol program, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and the joint Sick leave bank between UFCW Local MCGEO and Montgomery County Government. All Services provided adhere to all required state and federal regulations where applicable.


Email [email protected]call (240) 777-5118 or send a fax to (240) 777-5132. Our address is 27 Courthouse Square, Suite 180, Rockville, Maryland. Our suite is easily accessed from the back side of the building on E. Jefferson Street, near the corner of S. Washington Street. Use the ramp entrance to the building. Parking is available on the COB garage lower level at the intersection of E. Jefferson Street and Monroe Street.