Facilities Maintenance Services

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Frank Howard, Operations Manager
Phone: 240-777-7777 Fax: 301-279-8100
Facilities Customer Service

Customer Service

This section serves internal and external customers by creating, tracking, issuing and completing preventative on-demand work orders for timely resolutions to malfunctions and needs within facilities.

Energy Management

Monitors selected County facilities for HVAC, Lighting and Fire Alarm operations through Building Automation Systems. Remotely adjusts temperatures, schedules and troubleshoots systems from Operations. Reduces energy and hot/cold calls typically responded to by mechanics.

Moving and Surplus Services

The Moving and Surplus Services  section coordinates county employee office relocations, furniture relocations, supports office/building renovations, carpet replacements, and picks up and deliveries of surplus furniture.
For County Employees Only - please visit us  here for additional information regarding moving and surplus services .

Download the Maintenance Service Request Form.