Moving and Surplus Services

The Moving and Surplus Services section coordinates county employee office relocations, furniture relocations and, supports office/building renovations, carpet replacements, and the pick up and deliveries of surplus furniture

The following information is for COUNTY EMPLOYEES only.


Moving Services

What We Do

We coordinate office relocations, furniture relocations, and supports office/building renovations, carpet replacements, and the pick up and deliveries of surplus furniture for all County departments.

Please note that we can not move trash or hazardous materials.

What You Need to Do

Important! The Division of Facilities Management (DFM) requires issuance of individual Purchase Orders for any job/task order exceeding $1,000.00. 
By providing codes, the user Department (i.e. service requestor) is authorizing DFM to encumber funds through a PO and eventually process invoices for payment of services provided under said PO.  Delivery of services will be subject to prior issuance of the PO by the Office of Procurement.

Complete a "Request for Moving Services" by either of the following methods:
Online: At the County Intranet Portal Request For Moving Services
E-mail and fax back: [email protected]

We have prepared an " Office Relocation Checklist" to help you in preparing for your move. You can:
download the Checklist at the County Intranet Portal or
request the Checklist by e-mail by contacting [email protected]

Once Your Request Has Been Received

Important! Please allow minimum 10 business days to schedule a move once a request has been reviewed.

We will visit your site to look at the job that has been requested. We will then tell you what we can do for you and what you need to do before the move. We will provide you with an estimate (two-hour minimum) and set up a date for your request. We will schedule the move and have a contracted moving company come in to compete the request. We will also be on-site for supervision.


Surplus Furniture

Our warehouse stores furniture that is no longer needed and is available to any department in the County. We have all types of office furniture in good condition, including file cabinets, desks, chairs, supply cabinets, computer tables, conference tables and chairs. You must make an appointment to come to the warehouse and look at the items because the warehouse is not staffed all day.

There is no charge for the furniture, however if you cannot pick it up yourself, we will charge you to have the contractor deliver it to your location. You must submit a “Request For Moving Services” to have the furniture you have selected delivered to your office.

The warehouse is located at:
751 Twinbrook Pkwy, Rockville, Gaithersburg
Phone: new phone number coming soon

If you have surplus furniture which is no longer needed in your office or shop, you must submit a "Request For Moving Services" to arrange for pickup and delivery to the warehouse. Please note that we can not pick up computer equipment, and services are for County departments only.


Please contact Justo Rojas 240-753-3006, or by e-mail at: [email protected]