Maintenance Renovation Inspectors (MRI's)

This section has six Maintenance Renovation Inspectors (MRIs) and one Master Plumber in charge of planning, estimating, and managing repairs, renovations and remodeling projects throughout the County. This section also performs Capital Improvement Projects which involve Roofing, Electrical, HVAC, Elevator Modernization and Life Safety.

Please send all inspection requests to:
Phone: 240-777-7777 or  Fax: 301-279-1317


Danilo Chamorro, Doors, Locks, Hardware and Carpentry
Phone: 240-777-5372
Tom Lyons, Carpentry, Millwork, Painting, Glass, Masonry, Office Build outs/Modifications, CIP Roofing
Phone: 240-777-5371
Don Collins, Fire Alarms, Life Safety, Emergency Generators, Fire Suppression Systems
Phone: 240-777-5367
Sean Collins, Master Plumber: WSSC Compliance and Backflow Prevention
Phone: 240-777-5388



Robert Long, Fire Safety, Fire Alarms, Electric
Phone: 240-777-5370
Alvin Crutcher, HVAC Maintenance and Water Treatment, Underground Storage Tanks, Duct Cleaning
Phone: 240-777-5369
Kevin Ford, Plumbing, Sprinklers, Pool Services, Water Testing and Carpet Maintenance
Phone: 240-777-5368