Woodmont-Rugby Garage (#35) Redevelopment

Location: 8216 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

Customer Service: (240) 777-8740

Beginning on or about May 1, 2016, Montgomery County Division of Parking (MCDOT) will permanently close a part of the Woodmont-Rugby Garage (Garage 35) for public use. 119 parking spaces (22 short-term; 97 long-term) in the garage will be eliminated and the Rugby Avenue vehicular access will be closed. For additional information on the proposed development of 2nd District Police Station, click here .

Short-term parkers will be accommodated on-site with 30 remaining long-term spaces being converted to short-term for a net increase of eight short-term spaces. This will satisfy the needs of the short-term parkers in the garage.

Some long-term parkers will need to use other parking facilities in the Woodmont Triangle area, including the Auburn-Del Ray (Garage 36) which has plentiful long-term spaces available.

Click here to see Garage 35 Parking Mitigation Plan.

Woodmont-Rugby Garage

Garage 35 Flyer and Parking Alternatives