Engineering & Capital Project Management

This program provides the maintenance of all parking lots, garages, and surrounding grounds. Facilities maintenance is programmed at a level which is designed to ensure the operational integrity of the facilities and the safety of parking patrons. Maintenance of parking facilities includes: snow and ice removal; housekeeping services; equipment maintenance for elevators, electrical systems, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air- Conditioning systems (HVAC); facility repairs for maintenance of damaged glass, asphalt, concrete, plumbing, painting, space stripes, graffiti, doorframes, brick and block, meter posts, and woodwork due to vandalism, use and age; and grounds-keeping services.

Additionally, the program supports a balanced system of public parking which promotes the economic stability and growth of the County's central business districts. This is implemented through the design and construction of new parking facilities, including mixed-use projects. The program also includes renovating and improving existing parking facilities to ensure the preservation and integrity of the parking system and its continued service to the public. This program also evaluates energy usage and recommends and implements improvements that reduce the amount of energy used by off-street facilities.


  1. Planning
    • Parking Innovation initiatives
    • Administer the County‚Äôs Parking Lot District Ad Valorem tax program

  2. Engineering Project Management
    • Inspection of structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing components
    • Long Term Maintenance of all garage and lot components
    • Design and Construction of new facilities
    • Renovation, repair and renewal of existing facilities
    • Energy Efficiency Projects: Lighting, Solar, Electric Vehicle

  3. Maintenance
    • Grounds Keeping Services
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Facility Repairs
    • Broken Meters
    • Snow and Ice Removal
    • Housekeeping Services
Maintenance & Engineering
Engineering - Capital Crescent Garage (Garage 31)