The Clean Alternative

Air Pollution has become a very serious problem in many cities around the country. We are working to address this difficult issue.


"The lower cost of fuel allows us to reduce operating costs
as well as help improve the environment".

Carolyn Biggins, General Manager, RIDE ON

In the Washington/Baltimore region, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the Maryland Department of Transportation are working in partnership to improve the environment.

Our low emission vehicle program, "The Clean Alternative" will curb air pollution by reducing tailpipe exhaust.

Montgomery County RIDE ON is an excellent example of organizations making a difference with The Clean Alternative. By adding advanced technology vehicles that operate on clean CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fuel to its fleet, the RIDE ON total fleet emission has been greatly reduced.

The Clean Alternative is sponsored by the Maryland Department of Transportation, the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.

For more information, contact:
Washington Council of Governments
Maryland Department of Transportation