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Ride On Reimagined Study

The Ride On Reimagined Study is a comprehensive, forward-looking assessment of the bus network that will result in significant recommended changes to how transit operates in Montgomery County based on current and future needs. This study will take an in-depth look at Montgomery County’s existing and planned transit systems, including Metrobus services that operate within the County limits and the future Purple Line. The study will also provide an opportunity to guide the future direction of Ride On through data analysis and community engagement. The study will have the primary goal of recommending system-wide changes that address the current and future needs of the community it serves for both Ride On and Metrobus services.

The study will examine the current conditions and the anticipated future of Ride On’s service area. The study will engage community leaders, activists, transit riders, and support organizations to gather feedback. An evaluation will be conducted to assess route structure, connectivity, span, and frequency of service through market research analysis, review of land use development, and anticipated technology advancements. The study will also address the County’s priorities to improve racial equity and prevent climate change. The image of transit services is important to attract riders. Therefore, an evaluation of Ride On’s branding will be examined. In conclusion, the study will set the framework for a plan with recommendations and implementation strategies that best align with the transportation goals of Montgomery County.

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