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Ride On Services

Transit in Montgomery County

The Division of Transit Services coordinates transit services in Montgomery County. Transit accomplishes an essential mobility mission of the County, connecting people, communities, workplaces, educational institutions, recreational opportunities and many other essential destinations. To the extent that transit reduces the number of vehicles on the roads in Montgomery County, especially during the rush periods, transit increases the efficiency of the infrastructure. Moreover, transit plays a key role in the viability of the local economy and in the livability of our neighborhoods.

Ride On Transit Montgomery County

The Division plans, schedules and manages the County's own RIDE ON bus system consisting of 335 County owned and operated buses. The RIDE ON system is designed to complement the service provided by the other transit providers in the County. The RIDE ON system provides almost 30 million trips per year. Click on the appropriate text to get to RIDE ON routes and schedules, transit delays and detours information, fare and transfer information, and information on buying transit tickets and passes.

Transit partners Montgomery County

In addition, the Division coordinates with other transit and transportation providers. The RIDE ON service is tightly integrated into the services of other providers, including the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's Metrobus and Metrorail and the Maryland Mass Transit Administration's MARC commuter rail and MTA commuter bus systems. Metrobus in Montgomery County provides 22 million transit trips per year and Metrorail provides 40 million trips per year. From here you can reach our other transit partners and go directly to the Metro Home Page to get more information about Metrorail and Metrobus, or the MTA Home Page to get information about the MARC commuter rail system and the MTA commuter buses serving Montgomery County. You can see which Metrobus routes serve Montgomery County. For general information in regard of WMATA and MARC RAIL contact our  County's Coordinator: Gary Erenrich

Other Transit Programs in Montgomery County

A broad range of services are provided by the Division of Transit Services. The Division operates a Transit Information Center where information regarding RIDE ON and other transit services in the County is provided six days a week. The Division produces a complete array of publications regarding transit and alternative forms of transit. The Division's central mission is to promote and deliver mobility options to the traveling public. Chief among these are the many rail and bus transit options in the County, carpools, vanpools, bicycling and walking. The Division's Community Connections Team places the transit message prominently at numerous community events and activities all over the County from the Montgomery County Fair to Gaithersburg Old Town Day, Burtonsville Day, Kensington Nite Out, Germantown Octoberfest, Ethnic Heritage Festival, Rockville Hometown Holidays, North Bethesda Family Festival, First Night Montgomery, Potomac Day and other community events. In addition, the Division provides extensive information on the transit system in Montgomery County. Route and schedule information, system maps, fare information, information on how and where to buy transit passes, tickets, and tokens. The Division maintains the transit infrastructure supportive of the RIDE ON system, including park and ride lots, County transit centers, bus shelters, bus stops, and trash receptacles.

Commuter Services

The Division provides a broad array of services to employers and employees in Montgomery County. The Commuter Services Section promotes alternatives to the single occupant vehicle through ridesharing activities in support of employers and by implementing marketing activities for commuters. The section focuses on three Central Business Districts: Silver Spring, Bethesda and Wheaton. However, ridesharing activities also occur in Rockville and the I-270 areas as well. The Commuter Services Section's Processing Center provides carpool and vanpool matching services. Commuter Services also provides support to various transportation management organizations and is working to develop other TMO's. The Section supports the existing Silver Spring Transportation System Management District, the North Bethesda Transportation Management District and is working to develop a partnership between the National Institutes of Health, the National Naval Medical Center, and Suburban Hospital in Bethesda.

Special Transportation (service to Seniors and persons with disabilities)

The entire RIDE ON system is wheelchair accessible. All routes, as well as all Saturday and Sunday service, are operated with wheelchair accessible buses. In addition to the central transit mission of the Division, we provide specialized transportation to persons with disabilities and to seniors. The largest proportion of these services are Special Transportation services provided to persons with disabilities who are unable to use the fixed route and scheduled transit in the County. Eligibility is determined by the MetroAccess system in the region, and the trips requested are arranged by the Division of Transit Services. The County operates the Call n Ride program which provides a limited number of trips for low income seniors and persons with disabilities. Also, the County provides Medicaid transportation for low income persons for medically necessary trips.

Taxi Cab Regulation

The Division of Transit Services regulates the taxicab industry in Montgomery County. Through the regulatory function, the Division enforces County law pertaining to taxicabs to ensure the safety of the traveling public and the viability of the taxicab industry in the County. The Taxi Unit tests the knowledge of taxicab operators, conducts fingerprint supported background checks, and issues renewable taxicab operator identification cards. In addition, the Taxicab Unit ensures that taxicabs are inspected on a regular basis by the State, ensures that vehicles have adequate insurance, and are clean and cosmetically appropriate. If the vehicle and owner qualify the Taxicab Unit issues renewable licenses to the license holder, which authorizes operation of the vehicle. The Taxicab Unit also coordinates regulatory matters with area jurisdictions and staffs the Taxicab Services Advisory Committee.



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