Ride On Route 18



Route 18 operates operates Monday-Sunday.

Route 18 Schedules (PDF), effective January 14, 2024

Holiday Schedules

This route timetable can also be picked up at this location: Takoma Langley Transit Center


Route Information

Route 18 map (PDF)

Route 18 operates between these stops:

  • Takoma Langley Crossroads Transit Center
  • University Blvd and New Hampshire Ave
  • Merrimac Dr
  • Carroll Ave
  • Philadelphia Ave
  • Takoma Station
  • Montgomery College-Takoma
  • Silver Spring Station

The route no longer goes through the hospital campus.

Route Destination Signs

These are the destination signs shown on the top front and right side of the bus.

18 Takoma/Langley

18 Silver Spring  [only certain trips]

18 Takoma