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Ride On Route 67



Effective Sept 26 2021

Route 67 operates Monday-Friday Peak Hours Only.

Route 67 Schedules in PDF format


Route Information

Route 67 map

Route 67 operates between these stops:

  • Shady Grove Station
  • Frederick Rd-MD355
  • I-370-Sam Eig Hwy
  • Diamondback Dr
  • Muddy Branch Rd-Dufief Mill Rd
  • Travilah Rd
  • Piney Meetinghouse Rd
  • Shady Grove Rd
  • Darnestown Rd
  • Great Seneca Hwy
  • Traville Transit Center

Route Destination Signs

These are the destination signs shown on the top front and right side of the bus.

67 Shady Grove

67 Traville

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