Ride On's Bike Program

Ride On Bike Program: expanding the system; vintage photo of bus with bike on rack; Ride On logo

Making new connections

Ride On's bike rack program continues to be a great way to make all your important connections in Montgomery County, get into shape, and protect the environment...all at the same time! From the vintage pictures above, you can see that we've had bike racks for quite some time.  We are encouraging more utilization of them. You can transport your bike on our buses and travel throughout the county. It's also our way of helping you make bike riding a part of your daily routine, whether you're going to work or to play.

You'll find a bike rack mounted on the front of all Ride On buses. Ride On is 100% bike rack-equipped. Our racks allow you to bike part of the way to work and let Ride On worry about those big traffic jams. Or, rack your bike and take a ride to your favorite bicycle path without having to worry about car racks or secure parking near the bike route. Either way, it's a good-for-you remedy that can help to ease your commuting frustrations, reduce your gas bill, improve air quality and keep you healthy and in shape!


Each rack holds two bikes and supports most wheel and frame sizes - even children's bikes. However, we cannot carry motorized bikes.

person holding bike next to rack

Simply follow the instructions posted on the rack, board the bus, request a reminder card, and in seconds, you're ready to RIDE ON!

Loading your bike

As the bus approaches, prepare to mount your bike from the curb side. Let the operator know you're using the rack, making sure to remove water bottles, air pumps, or other items that could slip from your bike and potentially create a hazard. For safety reasons, the operator may not leave the bus to assist you, but he or she can answer your questions.

  1. Be prepared for the arrival of the bus in order to minimize delays in service.
  2. Release the rack by gently pulling up on the center handle. Unfold the rack.
  3. If you are the first to mount your bike, use the slot nearest the bus, making sure the handlebars face curb side. If you are mounting the second bike on the forward slot, make sure the handlebars face the road.
  4. Lift the support arm up and over the front tire and secure it. Two images: person placing bike onto rack, and person lifting support arm onto bike wheel

Unloading your bike

As you near your stop, tell the driver you'll be unloading your bike.

Raise and lower the support arm from your tire, making sure to unload your bike from either the front of the bus or the curb side. Lift your bike from the rack. Move from the travel portion of the roadway while you prepare to continue your trip.

person lifting bike off rack

If there are two bikes on the rack and yours is mounted nearest the bus, unload it by rolling the wheels off the rack and toward the curb.

If yours is the only bike on the rack, please fold the rack up after unloading your bike. The rack will automatically lock into place; however, we ask that you double check that it is secured because the operator cannot see it.

Signal the driver when you and your bike have cleared the bus' path.

Thanks for riding with us!