The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is committed to delivering the first-rate, multimodal transportation system that Montgomery County needs. We ensure that the County has a well-functioning, balanced transportation system that uses our roads more efficiently and supports more walking, bicycling and transit use. We build and maintain the transportation infrastructure; reduce traffic congestion; increase mobility; improve pedestrian, bicyclist and vehicle safety; provide transit and alternative transportation services; and promote access to our central business districts. None of this could be accomplished without the commitment and talent of our 1,300 outstanding employees who provide the very best transportation network possible for our community.

MCDOT’s organization:

The Director’s Office manages transportation policy that includes coordinating with regional and state transportation systems and agencies and developers on land use and development proposals, traffic mitigation agreements, master and sector plans, and regional transportation priorities; plans and constructs a Bus Rapid Transit system; and manages commuter services, taxicab regulation and community outreach programs.

The Division of Highway Services maintains and repairs the County’s transportation infrastructure. It rebuilds and repairs roadways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters; cleans and rebuilds storm drains and culverts; maintains and plants trees; removes snow from roadways and sidewalks; provides vacuum collection of leaves; and cares for right-of-ways by removing litter and mowing.

The Division of Parking Management helps Montgomery County achieve its economic development and transportation management goals by creating and managing public parking in commercial areas.

The Division of Traffic Engineering manages the County’s road network to enhance safety for all users. It ensures safe and efficient traffic flow; provides crosswalks and roadway markings; installs and maintains traffic signs, streetlights and traffic signals; and improves pedestrian and traffic safety using traffic calming and other measures.

The Division of Transit Services operates the County’s Ride On bus system; improves bus stops to meet accessibility standards and maintains them; and manages transportation services for seniors, persons with disabilities and low income residents.

The Division of Transportation Engineering designs and constructs transportation systems and infrastructure, including bikeways, sidewalks, transit facilities, ADA ramps, roads and storm drains; inspects, maintains and builds bridges; oversees the County’s Bikeshare program; and acquires property for projects.