Vision: A More Equitable and Inclusive Montgomery County

vision statement
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Priority Outcomes and Headline Measures:

Thriving Youth and Families

Children need great schools, supportive families, and caring communities to help them succeed in life. We can give them the start they need by providing adequate funding for public schools, access to affordable early childhood education and expanded high school options, and support for programs that relieve stress on families through increased access to affordable housing and better-paying jobs.

  • Percent of children ready for kindergarten
  • Academic achievement gap
  • Life expectancy gap

A Growing Economy

A healthy business community is essential to our success. We will reinvigorate the county’s direct involvement in economic activities by re-examining our regulations to make sure they are sensible, fair, and efficient; opening support centers that help both new and existing businesses; and developing an incubator and innovation climate to help local entrepreneurs bring their ideas into the world.

  • Number of net new businesses
  • Number of family sustaining jobs
  • Employment gap

A Greener County

We recognize the urgency of global warming and will take concrete steps to address climate change. County government has committed to zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2035, an ambitious – but achievable – target. We will reduce our footprint by pursuing clean energy, energy efficiency, enhanced building design, reduction of waste, and developing a better transit system for our residents.

  • Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Recycling rate
  • Resident satisfaction with code enforcement

Easier Commutes

Moving people and goods more efficiently is an economic imperative and is essential to our quality of life. We will reduce traffic congestion by improving transit options, supporting Metro, encouraging telecommuting and implementing common-sense road improvements.

  • Average commuting time
  • Percent using alternative transportation for work, school or shopping
  • Percent of roads rated in "good" condition

A More Affordable and Welcoming County for a Lifetime

We will focus on initiatives that make Montgomery County a place where all residents can pursue their dreams regardless of race, ethnicity, age or economic circumstances.

  • Percent of households that are housing burdened
  • Access to affordable child care
  • Food insecurity rate

Safe Neighborhoods

We will address crime and pedestrian safety issues and seek input from communities across the county on ways to address these issues. We plan to enhance opportunities for walking, biking, and creating neighborhood gathering places.

  • Number of gang-related violent crimes
  • Property crime rate
  • Number of pedestrian-involved traffic accidents

Effective, Sustainable Government

We will partner with county employees to make County Government more cost-effective and to deliver services more efficiently and responsively.

  • Percent of county contracts with minority, female, disabled-owned and local business
  • Resident satisfaction with value for tax dollars
  • Bond rating