New & Prospective Employee

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Welcome MCG New Hires!

The following four forms are mandatory for all new hires.  Completed forms are due within 2 weeks of your date of hire.

Complete your forms online by clicking on the links below.  TIP:  open the links in google chrome for the best user experience and be sure to read the cover letter for each form in it's entirety.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Form
Salary, Annual & Sick Leave Beneficiary Form
Acknowledgement Form (Group Insurance)
Acknowledgement Form (MCERP)

New hires are eligible to enroll in the County's group benefit programs as of Date of Hire.  However, benefits do not become effective until the date you submit your 2021 Health & Life Insurance Election form, along with the necessary required dependent documentation.

There is a 60-day window from your date of hire to enroll in the benefit plans (31 days if electing between 1-4 x salary Optional Life).  If you miss the 60 days, then you will have to wait until the next annual open enrollment to enroll. 

Please visit the Active Employee Health Insurance page to access 2021 insurance rates to learn more about our rich comprehenstive health insurance plan options. 

All other benefit-related questions, should be directed to OHR’s Customer Service Center at 240-777-0311. 

Please direct all retirement related questions to the Retirement team at 240-777-8230 or email:
Visit the Retirement team's webspage at