New & Prospective Employee

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Welcome New Hires!

Follow the steps below for a successful benefits onboarding: 

1.  Within two weeks of your hire date, complete the four mandatory online forms shown below.
     TIP:  Open the links in Google Chrome for the best user experience.  Also, be sure to read the cover letter.

2.  Within 60 days of your hire date, elect your health insurance options.

     MCG Employees: To make your selections, you can use either Self-Service Benefits or an online form.
  • Self-Service Benefits (refer to the System User Guide to access the system and make your changes)
    TIP:  The advantage of using Self-Service Benefits is that you can immediately download a confirmation of your elections at the end of the process, which 
     provides proof of your enrollment.

    Participating Agency Employees: To make your selections, please use the  2023 Participating Agency Election Form.
    NOTE: Participating Agency employees are not County employees; they are employees working for an employer who has chosen to opt into MCG's health
     insurance programs. (State's Attorney, Credit Union, and Circuit Court employees are considered MCG employees and should use the links under the
    "MCG Employees" section above.) 

Important Reminders: 
  • Benefits do not become effective until the date you complete your transaction/form and supply any Required Documentation & Qualifying Life Events.
  • There is a 60-day window from your date of hire to make your elections (31 days if electing between 1-4 x salary Optional Life).  If you miss the 60 days, then you will have to wait until the next annual open enrollment to enroll. 
For More Information: