Employment Verifications & DOT Drug/Alcohol Testing Information

Need Employment Verification?

Contact the Employee.

Companies requesting Employment Verification(s) : If a verification of employment (VOE) requires salary history or specific salary details, please send your request to Payroll. Please note that only employees may request standard employment verification letters through our automated system. If you are a company requesting a standard employment verification letter, please contact the employee to obtain an employment verification through our automated system. Companies must provide the employee with a valid email address to receive the verification of employment.

MCG Employee needing Employment Verification

Use Employee Self-Service.

Employees must request an employment verification via Employee Self-Service.
See instructions for completing your request

Need DOT Drug/Alcohol Testing information?

Contact Occupational Medical Services.

If you need DOT Drug/Alcohol testing information, please email Occupational Medical Services. Please note that this office cannot provide employment verification, only the DOT Drug/Alcohol testing information. The standard employment verification must be obtained from the employee.

Former MCG Employees Employment Verification Request

Email us a Request.

Former employees can request employment verification by directing your request to: [email protected]

Please include your:

  1. Full name;
  2. Date of separation from the County (month/year);
  3. Email address of whom should receive the Verification of Employment; and
  4. Your email address so we can copy you on our response.

HB486 Requests

Employers should submit HB486 requests to: [email protected]

If you are a current or former employee of Montgomery County Maryland (Government), a potential employer may ask you to submit an HB486 Request or provide them with a County email address regarding HB486 requests.

DO NOT have requests sent to a former supervisor, manager, or recruiter, etc. Please send all HB486 requests to: [email protected]. The County will provide the potential employer with a HB486 verification.

If you have any questions regarding the HB486 Request, please direct them to your potential employer.