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How to Apply

To apply for jobs with Montgomery County Government, an applicant must use our online application system. We do not accept hard copy paper resumes or resumes submitted via email or fax. All applications must be completed online and submitted by the requisition closing date. Appended below are instructions on how to apply online. Public access computers are available in the Office of Human Resources and at all County Libraries. If you need assistance with the online application process, please call MC311 at 240-777-0311 Voice or 240-773-3556 TTY.

To Log In or Register, click on Search Jobs to access the job site.

If you are a current Montgomery County Government employee, you MUST access the iRecruitment portal via Oracle ESS using your Single Sign-On.  Click the link for "Active Employee Login" to continue.  See sceenshots for detailed instructions.

If you are a new visitor who is not a Montgomery County Government employee, and have not created an account with Montgomery County Government, click on "Register Today".

Step 1 (for new visitors) Registration – Complete the fields for Email, Last Name, First Name, Telephone Number, Address, Password and Confirm Password, then click “Create”.

NOTE: For the purpose of applying for jobs, our application system requires a unique email address for each user.  Applicants who use another person's account will not be considered.

Step 2 To verify your identity, a security code will be sent to your email address.  Please enter the security code in the field "Code", then click "Enter".

Step 3 Read the acknowledgment.  You must check the box "I Agree", then click on "Continue".  Please wait a few minutes for your new account to be configured.

Step 4 You will receive a confirmation email that account has been created, and screen will say Success.  Click on "Continue" to setup your security questions.

Step 5 On the Setup Password Responses page, please select your security questions and type in your security responses. Then click "Save Responses".

Step 6 Check questions and responses, and if correct, click "Confirm Responses".  If they are incorrect, you can Go Back and make changes.

Step 7 The account information is effective immediately.  However, please allow up to 15 minutes for all Apps to be updated. Click on "Continue" to proceed with your application.

Step 8 On the AccessMCG Extranet Application Portal, enter your Emai Address and Password, then click "Log in".

Step 9 Click on the icon "Employment".

Step 10 You must complete a one-time account setup before you can apply for County jobs.  Check the box for "Yes", then click "Click Here to Continue".

Step 11 Click on "Search Jobs" and then click on "Go" to continue your application process.

Please see screenshots for all the steps above.

  • For the purposes of applying for jobs, our application system requires a unique email address for each user. If two individuals share an email address and the first person has already set up an account, when the second person tries to establish an account, they will get an error message telling them that the email address is already associated with a registered user. If you do not have an email address, there are websites you can go to, e.g. Yahoo, Google and Hotmail, where you can sign up for a free email account.
  • You may also do a search using various job categories: Clerical/Administrative, General Professional, Health and Social Services, Information Technology, Managerial Executive, Montgomery County Government Employees Only, Public Safety, Temporary/Seasonal/Substitute, and Trades and Labor.
  • Montgomery County Government is an equal opportunity employer, committed to workforce diversity. Accordingly, as it relates to employment opportunities, the County will provide reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities, in accordance with the law. Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process should call MC311 at 240-777-0311 Voice or 240-777-5126 TTY for assistance and guidance. You may also request a reasonable accommodation for the selection process via email to Individual determinations on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made in accordance with all applicable laws.
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