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Office of Consumer Protection

Advisory Committee on Consumer Protection


Created Montgomery County Code Section 11-3.
Purpose The Committee advises the Office of Consumer Protection in carrying out its duties and functions under Chapter 11, and may hold public hearings on any topic related to consumer protection.
Membership Nine members - preferably at least two from the Better Business Bureau, the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce or a local chamber, or another county-wide or local association of merchants; one from the Community Action Board; one recommended by the Community Action Board; and five from the community at large.
Terms Three years - no compensation.
Meetings The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m.   See County meeting calendar or call 240-777-3661 for additional information.
Staff Sharon Margolis, Office of Consumer Protection
T: 240-777-3696

Chair: Dan Caplan, First Term (2016);
Vice Chair: Wolfgang Ludwig, First Term (2018); 
Public-at-Large: Corinne Yourman, First Full Term (2017); 
Community Action Board: Ronald M. Jennings, Sr., First Term (2017)
Bernard Rod, First Full Term (2015); 
Joshua Lamel, First Term (2018); 
Jane Merkin, First Term (2017); 
Nicholas Jackson, First Term (2017); 

One of the functions of the Advisory Committee is the gathering of facts, data, and public comments in preparation of reports.  On such report was regarding the Inspection of Installed Gas Appliances This report was based on a joint investigation by the OCP and the WSSC after it was discovered that out of more than 3,000 gas appliance installations from 2010 and 2011 in Montgomery County, more than two thirds had either not been properly inspected following installation or had been installed by unlicensed individuals. These installations were performed by six large retailers and one installer subcontractor for a large retailer,  Under the "Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code" it is against the law for anyone other than WSSC-licensed plumbers/gas fitters to install gas appliances, including water heaters, dryers, heating systems and stoves.  All such appliances must then be inspected by WSSC within 5 days of installation.  After reviewing comments from consumers, retailers, Fire and Rescue Services and WSSC, the Advisory Committee made seven independent recommendations which are contained in the report.

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