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Office of Intergovernmental Relations

Review Department's Performance from CountyStat The Office of Intergovernmental Relations represents the County interests at the regional, state and federal levels. The Office prepares the annual state legislative program and the annual federal priorities request and serves as liaison with state government and the County’s state and congressional delegations. The Office is the lead agency representing the County before the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) and the National Association of Counties (NACO).

Melanie L. Wenger, Director

Contact Information

Rockville Office  (staffed year-round)

101 Monroe Street, 4th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850
(240) 777-6550

Annapolis Office  (staffed during General Assembly sessions)

47 State Circle, Suite 303 
Annapolis, MD 21401
(240) 777-8270


Direct contact information for OIR staff

Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) Department Liaison:

Kathleen Boucher
Montgomery County Office of Intergovernmental Relations
101 Monroe Street, 4th Floor 
Rockville, MD  20850
240-777-6554 phone
240-777-6551 fax


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