List of reports released between 1977 and 2000

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Report No. Title/Subject Release Date
2000-5 A Research Report on the Theory and Practices of Citizen Boards of Appeals and Zoning Hearing Examiners 12/5/2000
2000-4 A Research Report on Employee Turnover; and the Council's FY01 Request for Turnover Data from DHSS' Contractors 11/21/2000
2000-3 Approaches to Information Technology Organization and Staffing in County Government 7/25/2000
Memorandum Report FY 2000 Performance Measurement Activities in the County and Bi-County Agencies and the Housing Opportunities Commission 7/6/2000
Memorandum Report Evaluation of the Management Leadership Service 7/6/2000
2000-2 Selection of the Independent Audit for Annual Audit of County Financial Records FY 2000-2003 4/11/2000
2000-1 Improving the Response to Domestic Violence in Montgomery County 4/25/2000
Memorandum Report A Review of FY 2000 County-Funded Workforce Development Activities 4/7/2000
Memorandum Report Update on Warrant Processing in Montgomery County 2/8/2000
Memorandum Report Review of the Landlord Tenant Affairs Fund 1/31/2000
Memorandum Report FY99 Financial Activity for Department of Liquor Control Contracted Stores 1/10/2000
Report No. Title/Subject Release Date
Memorandum Report County and Bi-County Agencies Pooling Study, Phase 2 (fully insured medical programs) 12/2/1997
Memorandum Report A Proposed Design for OLO's Evaluation of the Department of Permitting Services (DPS) 10/8/1997
Memorandum Report County and Bi-County Agencies Pooling Study, Phase 1 6/30/1997
97-3 An Evaluation of Bill 54-91, Revisions to the County's Animal Control Laws 6/24/1997
Team Report Performance Measures for the Global Access Project; joint project with the Montgomery County Board of Education 5/6/1997
Team Report Internet Coordination Subcommittee Report to the Interagency Technology Policy and Coordination Committee 4/30/1997
Memorandum Report KPMG Peat Marwick Internal Audits of Three Fire & Rescue Corporations 4/25/1997
Memorandum Report Review of Solid Waste Rate Calculations 4/15/1997
Memorandum Report Alternative Approaches to Adjusting Base Pay 4/10/1997
97-2 Budget Inquiry into School Construction Costs 2/25/1997
97-1 A Study of Service Structures in the Central Business Districts and Other Urban Areas 3/11/1997
Memorandum Report FY96 Financial Activity for Department of Liquor Control Contracted Stores 1/22/1997
Report No. Title/Subject Release Date
96-2 A Study of Retiree Group Insurance Benefits and Report of the Working Group on Retiree Group Insurance Benefits (10/25/96) 10/31/1995
96-1 Developing Performance Measures for Montgomery County, Maryland Information Technology Projects and NAPA Report (8/1/95) 9/19/1995
Memorandum Report Approaches to Evaluating Reorganization Proposals 5/13/1995
Memorandum Report Independent Performance Audit of Solid Waste Collection 5/11/1995
Memorandum Report FY96 Capital Improvements Program, Public Safety Radio System (800Mhz) 3/31/1995
Memorandum Report Inquiry on Government Services Centers 2/15/1995
Report No. Title/Subject Release Date
Memorandum Report Review of County Contracts 12/21/1979
Memorandum Report Final Report on Review of Audit of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) 12/6/1979
Memorandum Report Initial Comments on Executive Branch Reorganization Plan 10/25/1979
79-2 An Evaluation of the Community Action Agency 9/11/1979
79-1 An Evaluation of the Plant Maintenance Program of the Montgomery County Public Schools 4/24/1979
Memorandum Report Review of Audits of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 3/6/1979
Memorandum Report Report by the Montgomery County Chambers' of Commerce Volunteer Committee on Management and Operations of the Department of Liquor Control (DLC) 2/27/1979