MCPS Waymaking - BTheOne Campaign

In this episode of Waymaking, learn more about Montgomery County's recently launched BTheOne Campaign and website for teens and learn how to access mental health support. Dr. Christina Conolly, MCPS Director of Psychological Services, is joined by Regina Morales, Manager of Montgomery County Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services, and Ray Crist, a recent MCPS graduate and the BTheOne website designer.

Upcounty Prevention Network

A community conversation on mental health and suicide.

What's Happening MoCo - Suicide Prevention with EveryMind

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In this episode, we talk with Rachel, Director of Crisis Prevention and Intervention Services with EveryMind in Montgomery County, MD.

We talked about:

  1. Indicators that someone may be considering suicide or harming themselves. How to help or find help.
  2. Stats for Montgomery County
  3. Resources for immediate help including a phone number, text number, and website with a discreet chat function
  4. How people can help others through donating or volunteering