Mental Health

Our brain is one of our most important organs. Without it, we couldn’t survive. Just like every other organ in your body, your brain can get sick. But you can’t see these sicknesses in the same way you can read the thermometer and see you have a fever. Yet mental illness left untreated can wreak havoc on our lives. If you think you have mental illness or know someone who does, take action to start the healing process.

Warning Signs
  • problems concentrating
  • decline in grades or extracurriculars
  • feeling disconnected
  • sleep or appetite changes
  • lethargy
  • rapid/large shifts in feelings
  • avoiding friends or social activities
  • prolonged or strong feelings of irritiability or anger
  • feeling hopeless or overwhelmed
  • low self-esteem
  • intense concern with appearance

What It Feels Like

About Depression

Mental health problems are nothing to be ashamed of. They're not a character flaw - they're a chemistry flaw.

These describe just a few of the many mental illnesses. See more information about mental health conditions.