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If you're reading this, you might be wondering what YOU can do for your community. To give you the tools to help others, we created the Ambassador program. We also made a set of "digital posters" which you can download below. Posting these to your Snapchat or Instagram stories can spread these important messages to hundreds of your peers, and they're pretty cool too!

See more information about the Ambassador program on social media.

Also, we co-sponsored a video PSA contest with the Gandhi Brigade and had Moco teens make videos about Check 'em out here.

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Help someone struggling - an overview
Steps Overview

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Learn to save a life -
Phone Tilt

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tilt your phone screen from the bottom

Learn to save a life

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Validation: a life skill in 30 sections - overview
Validation (1 of 2)

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Validation: a life skill in 30 seconds

So often, we like to give people unsolicited advice or minimize their problems.

For example, someone complains about a boyfriend and we tell them "he sucks anyway" or "you should break up with him."

While well-meaning, this isn't helpful. When people complain, more often than anything they want someone to understand them.

Imagine if instead you said "that sucks, I know he means so much to you."

Hearing that would feel so much better, wouldn't it? That's validation.

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Validation: 3 steps in detail
Validation (2 of 2)

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Validation: a life skill in 30 seconds

STEP 1: Agree with the truth of someone's situation. This can mean thoughts, feelings, or actions. For example, you can agree that they're in pain or that they care about someone. Remember that you only have to agree with the truth. For example, to validate someone feeling hopeless you don't have to agree that there is no hope.

STEP 2: Show deeper understanding. Look for how someone's feelings make sense given their past experiences or state of mind. It makes sense for someone to care about their boyfriend if they've dated for a while.

STEP 3: Check for understanding. Ask: "Is that right?" Nothing is worse than someone misunderstanding your feelings. By checking, you give the person a chance to correct your interpretation.

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64 percent - that's the percent of youth with depression who don't get treatment.

Download 64 Percent video


That's the percent of youth with depression who don't get treatment.

You are loved and you are valued. If you're struggling, please help yourself and talk to a professional.

Getting enough sleep is crucial for good mental health.

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Thank you for telling me

Download "Thank you for telling me" video

Did you know? 42% of suicides involve relationship problems

Download "Did you know?" video

Did you know?

42% of suicides involve relationship problems.

Know someone going through a breakup? Pay attention and check in on them.

Learn more ways to help at

Text messages

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A group of organizations in Montgomery County, Maryland, working to raise awareness and save lives.

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