Transmission Facilities Coordination Group


  • RF CE Community Memo re: FCC Visit  May 2017

    Memo from County Executive Leggett providing an overview of the FCC meeting that he attended on May 10th with Congressman Raskin and Councilmember Riemer to discuss 5 key issues related to microtower and small cell wireless issues.
  • RF FCC Letter with Attachments 1-17-17

    Letter from County Executive Leggett to FCC Chairman Wheeler (January 2017)
    Requested that FCC complete 2013 proceeding to update the 1997 Radio Frequency (RF) emissions standards.  Many residents are concerned about the RF emissions from antennas deployed closer to homes. Addressing these concerns is an important part of growing public support for new network densification, small cell, and future 5G deployments.