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MD Small Cell Bill SB1188

Maryland Proposed State Small Cell Legislation

The Chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee and House Economic Matters Committees introduced SB1188 and HB1767. The bills were identical and would prevent public input and limit local government authority over deployment of small cell poles and antennas. Montgomery County opposed the bill and worked with many other Maryland communities to protect our residents.

SB1188 was referred to the Senate Finance Committee. The scheduled March 20, 2018 public hearing was canceled and the bill sponsor announced that he would not proceed with the bill in the 2018 legislative session.

General Assembly information about SB188 can be found here:

SB1188 and HB1767:

  • Do not require better wireless service in rural, underserved or unserved areas. 
  • Prohibit most local zoning review or approval of wireless facilities for poles up to 50 feet tall, antennas up to 6 cubic feet in volume, and equipment up to 28 cubic feet in volume. 
  • Impose the most restrictions on local zoning in single family residential areas, more than on roads or in commercial areas, including prohibiting requiring information to demonstrate need for new poles.
  • The Bills require local governments to allow wireless providers to attach equipment to local government poles and property at below market rates, and prohibits requiring public wifi, fiber, or conduit in return, even for use of property owned by the local government. 
  • Local taxpayers, businesses and residents would have to pay more for standard building and electrical permits than national communications companies that do not have to serve the entire community.

SB1188 – Highlighted

SB1188 – Executive Summary

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