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Office of Energy and SustainabilitySuperior government service with the smallest possible environmental footprint


Montgomery County government strengthens biodiversity through conserving forests, planting native vegetation, implementing pollution prevention measures, and using eco-friendly landscaping on County-owned property.

Forest Preservation

Montgomery County’s Department of General Services makes every effort to conserve existing forests and to plant or preserve canopy trees native vegetation on County facilities. For example, at the White Oak Community Recreation Center in Silver Spring, we preserved forest on 33 of the 43 acres, maintaining fish and wildlife habitat and protecting water quality in Paint Branch.

Rain Gardens, Conservation Landscapes, and Green Roofs

The rain gardens, conservation landscapes, and green roofs on County property filter and slow down rain runoff, protecting local streams and providing benefits to birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. The County maximizes the use of these green building features wherever possible. For example, the Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operations Center built in 2013 has four acres of green roof.

Landscaping for Biodiversity

Montgomery County incorporates fish and wildlife conservation into landscape maintenance on County property. We require our landscaping contractors to use integrated pest management (IPM). IPM is an eco-friendly and common sense strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pest damage through biological control, habitat manipulation, and other non-toxic techniques and uses the least-toxic chemical methods when non-chemical methods have been exhausted or are not feasible. In addition, we train our property managers in strategies to protect biodiversity while maintaining public safety.

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