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Energy Management Systems Save Energy in Montgomery County Buildings

Energy Management Systems

Watch this video to learn how Montgomery County MD Department of General Services, Division of Facilities Management uses a smart Energy Management System to monitor and adjust energy use in real time - saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in County government buildings. More...

Innovative Public-Private Partnership Will Improve the Resiliency of Key Public Facilities

Public Safety Headquarter

Montgomery County has entered into an innovative public-private partnership to make significant improvements to public safety and community resiliency during major storms and other natural or man-made disasters. Improvements include upgrades in infrastructure at Public Safety Headquarters and Montgomery County Correctional Facility, as well as clean on-site power generation through solar energy systems and natural gas generators that will allow these critical facilities to operate independently of the electrical grid, ensuring uninterrupted public services during emergencies. More...

Montgomery County Nearly Doubles Solar Power Commitment

Ground mont solar panels

Montgomery County will surpass its commitment to install 6 megawatts of solar power on County facilities by adding a new, large-scale project at the former Oaks Landfill in Laytonsville. The new project adds 5 megawatts of solar power, nearly doubling the amount of clean energy generated on County property. In total, the County could generate enough electricity each year to power more than 1,300 homes – as beneficial as planting 236,000 trees. Solar energy generation is expected to save the County up to $15 million in electric bills over 20 years. More...

Montgomery County Partners with U.S. Department of Energy to Increase Energy Efficiency and Ensure Public Safety in Storms

Combined power and heat system

As a partner in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Combined Heat and Power for Resiliency Accelerator, Montgomery County is an early leader among local governments nationwide in the use of environmentally friendly technologies. “Montgomery County is pleased to be part of this national partnership, which reinforces our leadership in clean energy innovation,” said County Executive Isiah Leggett. "Generating power and heat in County facilities, with renewable energy, improves community resilience while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring the highest quality public safety services even in major storms and natural disasters. More ...